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Two ghosts have been reported along Bass Lake Road. One is a girl in a white gown who has been seen near the reservoir at the bend. The other is an old man who appears, smiling, sitting on a bench that was dedicated to him.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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Geographic Information

Bass Lake Road
Cameron Park, CA
United States

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38.67633317506851, -121.01981806728872
El Dorado County, California
Nearest Towns:
Cameron Park, CA (1.8 mi.)
El Dorado Hills, CA (3.4 mi.)
Shingle Springs, CA (5.1 mi.)
Folsom, CA (8.4 mi.)
Cold Springs, CA (9.2 mi.)
Granite Bay, CA (9.8 mi.)
Deer Park, CA (10.6 mi.)
Coloma, CA (11.0 mi.)
Orangevale, CA (11.1 mi.)
Diamond Springs, CA (11.1 mi.)


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  1. Jeff Perry and Sandy Myer  |  

    Our experience was not at this location but close by actually it’s off of Cambridge and highway 50 at the storage units. Called 5-star storage units.
    We can’t say that they were ghost’s but more like shadow people or like evil, creepy, fast moving, even heard one of them make a growling sound right behind me. It scared me so much I stopped in my tracks and slowly turned around to look before turning to run and nothing was there now I tell you that there was definitely a sound of deep growling right behind me and no place for anything or anyone to hide because it is a row of storage units kinda like an alleyway and the units are 10ft tall on one side and some 12 ft on the other so no way to get on the roof and trust me with corrugated tin roofing and it was 2am in the morning so no sound pollution other than that of the once in a while car on the highway. So I most certainly would have heard anything walking on the roof. Plus trust me I looked to make sure. Just writing this I get chills and almost started crying because of how scared I was.
    There was another night that I had gotten into an argument with my fiance Sandy and I had gotten drunk and passed out in our storage unit and my girl bless her heart couldn’t get a hold of me on the phone so she came to the storage units with dinner and when she gave it to me I told her and whoever was with her thanks for the food. Only she said she was alone and that was one truly hunting experience.

  2. My grandfather was the caretaker and lived in the cabin at the end of the dam on Bass Lake in the 1960’s and early 70’s. I remember seeing the girl when I was a boy walking along the dam on the west side of the lake. I saw her more than once when our family would camp there in the summer.

  3. I am a medium. I went with my mom on this adventure. I was hopeful to sense something on this road, but I didn’t get much. We drove from one dead end of Bass Lake Road to the other dead end. I did feel some anxiety, which is usually how it starts, but nothing followed.

  4. one time I was sleeping in my bed and then I woke up to go to the bathroom but and then is saw a weird lady in a robe and I think it was the person that lived here before me before she died she was sick so she was in her robe a lot


    My sisters and I (six of us) rented a cabin at 39396 Alder, Bass Lake on 4/2022. We heard a lot of noises the first night, but we chalked it up to the wildlife outdoors. My two brothers joined us the following day. The two brothers slept out in the living room. Around 2:30 am, my order brother who could not sleep that night saw a woman, dressed in white, black hair, standing in the doorway to the living room. she then proceeded to walk to the bathroom where he never saw the bathroom light go on or toilet flush. We decided to cut our outing short. We closed up all the lights inside and out. As we were pulling out all lights came on. It was disturbing.

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