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In the basement of this hotel lurk some unfortunate souls, apparitions, witnesses say, of the many employees who were killed when the location suffered a fire in the early 1900s. Reports say that although the hotel is no longer in operation, the building still stands.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Walnut and West Main St
    Colorado City, TX
    United States

    Get Directions »
    32.3876337, -100.86721399999999
    Mitchell County, Texas
    Nearest Towns:
    Colorado City, TX (0.2 mi.)
    Westbrook, TX (8.8 mi.)
    Loraine, TX (9.2 mi.)
    Hermleigh, TX (18.2 mi.)
    Roscoe, TX (19.6 mi.)
    Snyder, TX (23.0 mi.)
    Coahoma, TX (26.4 mi.)
    Sweetwater, TX (27.5 mi.)
    Sand Springs, TX (29.2 mi.)
    Forsan, TX (34.9 mi.)


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    1. I am a hunter and have many years of experience. I have investigated the Baker Hotel, with the permission of the city, and found some really interesting things. There was a fire and this is evident by going into the basement and seeing the charred walls and ceiling. The basement is overrun with bats so it was difficult to investigate in this area. The numerous floors of the hotel are difficult to navigate as many years of debris lay throughout and as you go up the debris gets worse. My team and I were not having much luck at the beginning of the investigation but later in the night the activity spiked. This lasted for an hour or so and then all became quiet again. During the active period we (team) all began to hear chains rattle on the bottom floor. As we investigated, we found that the chain to the gate (entrance) had been unraveled and the gate was open. The gate is in the rear of the building and we secured it many times so that the team was locked in but on numerous occasions the chain would swing and the gate would open. We checked around the building but we were never able to locate anyone around that could be messing with us. We even put an investigator on the bottom floor (hidden) to watch for prowlers and no one was ever spotted. The team also heard, on several occasions, whispering as we walked through the hotel. it sounded as if someone was whispering in your ear and when you turned to look, no one was there. As far as physical evidence, several EVP’s were captured and the majority of them sounded like a little girl talking. Some EVP’s were very clear and quite eerie. When looking through photographs of the investigation I came across a strange picture. On the third floor a photograph was taken of an empty room. In the picture was a shadow of what looked to be a man standing near a corner. There were several other pictures taken in this room at the same angle but the photo could not be duplicated. Pretty cool location and I will hunt it again in the future.

      • I live a few towns away from this town. One day, me and my mother decided to go here. It is an amazing building, and I am jealous that you got to go inside, as it was locked when my mother and I went. Pictures cannot capture the… The pure feeling of adventure it gave to my mother and I alike. We wanted nothing more than to go inside. I have been trying to find history and possible paranormal events that took place in said building since the day my mother and I went to it. Thanks to you, I am just learning of the fire. I would love to know more about it too if you would be able to share any more history. This building interests me like no other. Truly an amazing building. One question though… What was it like inside? I am sure it was amazing!

    2. Odd that the town’s records indicate a fire there in the early 1900’s yet this building was first built in virgin ground in May of 1927. The exact date of said fire was said to have been in the year 1912. I am wishing to get proof of the actual fire date. I have suspissions that there would not be any fire damage left evident even in a basement. The facility stopped taking patrons in 1970. The entire first floor has been opened to the outside for years

    3. My best friends grandma lives in this tiny town we went to spend thanks giving with her and his family the whole town has an eerie feeling his cousins told us about the hotel we snuck in you can fit through the holes above the wood blocking the way in the hotel was cool on the upper floors nothing happend wen we wer there we saw the stairs to the basement and it was like something out of a horror movie we never went down there but I’d give anything to go back and try again

    4. Exactly where is this hotel? The Baker Hotel is in Mineral Wells. I have cousins who live in Snyder and Colorado City and thet have no knowledge of this Baker hotel. Can you post photos with this story? I’ve been in the Baker in Mineral well prior to the remodel investigating and I have photos. Do we have any photos for this hotel? I would like to see it in person.

      • The 5 story hotel in Colorado City TX has been alternately called the Colorado Hotel and the Baker Hotel. The Colorado name is obvious. However, nobody seems to know what the connection is to Baker. There are photos showing both names on the building.

    5. It’s right off the main street that goes through the center of town behind the old dollar store near the railroad tracks.

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