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If walls had ears and mouths, what a tale they could tell about this place. It all started in 1922 when cyclist and spark plug inventor Albert Champion married young showgirl Edna Crawford. Shortly thereafter she began an affair with Frenchman Charles Brazelle, who is believed to have murdered Champion five years later at a hotel in Paris. Edna and Brazelle claimed Champion died of natural causes and pocketed his fortune, using it to buy the penthouse at 57 West 57th Street. But the jealous and bad-tempered Brazelle kept Edna a prisoner here, and ended up beating her to death with a telephone. Her bodyguards then tossed Brazelle out the window. After the penthouse stayed empty for several years, it was rented by one Carlton Alsop, who was plagued by violent images and the ghostly sounds of arguments and of Edna’s high heels. But wait! There’s more… and it sounds a bit like a country song. Because of his declining mental state due to the relentless hauntings, poor Alsop’s wife left him, his dogs had nervous breakdowns, he had himself committed to a mental institution.

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Geographic Information

57 West 57th Street
New York, NY
United States

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40.76446199999999, -73.9768464
New York County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Manhattan, NY (1.4 mi.)
Long Island City, NY (2.0 mi.)
Weehawken, NJ (2.3 mi.)
Guttenberg, NJ (2.4 mi.)
West New York, NJ (2.5 mi.)
Union City, NJ (2.7 mi.)
Hoboken, NJ (3.2 mi.)
North Bergen, NJ (3.3 mi.)
Fairview, NJ (3.5 mi.)
New York City, NY (3.8 mi.)


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  1. i always felt really odd when ever i visited this building never knew of the penthouse history until today would love to see the pictures.

  2. Yes u may see pics..one of albert with blood on his cloths..he did not die of naatural causes..he is showing me n pic..I’m only person they all appeared to..edna, husband, lover n someone else..scarey shit.when I realized I had them on camera I didn’t sleep nor close my door..there is a black shadowman up there also..he has sinister presence..edna has a good soul when present. But there is a man with no head.. we had pics before we knew story.. friend got story npics matched we shit our pnts..they appeared to me for reason they r trying to connect ..Why??I’ve always known from child I had gift..this place enhances it lik no other place ever..before I got there I dreamed of it..alone first time there12 hrs.. I knew in 20 mins. Something is here it knows I know and I was coming..pic. of albert is bloody tuxedo..Why??

    • casper bullshit,,maby ur not in tune with ur sixth sense.. they ..dont reach out to eveyone…..u visit not enough time for u to say its not haunted..i got proof that it is still going on present day..spend a weekend there …we lived there yrs.. penthouse tenants..we know..

  3. My grandmother was a Crawford and was related to Edna .Heard stories of Edna growing up.My mother use to visit the Champion home as a young girl.

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