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I used to work in an office on the 2nd story of 229 Rock Road, Glen Rock, NJ. We were an eclectic group of scientists and used to play practical jokes on each other. We also had a ghost we called the Phantom. Our front door was at the bottom of a long stairway from the street. When someone entered, you heard the door close, then the walking up the stairs before entering our office of the 2nd floor. At night, we would heard the street door open, the sound of steps and then silence – no one would come into the office and, when we went to the office door (made of glass), no one would be there. This was the “Phantom”. It got so bad that we would ignore the sounds UNTIL someone actually entered the office.

One Halloween in 1978, a buddy and I decided to wire the office with speakers to create a ghostly experience for our fellow scientists. We would hide on the fire escape outside the building to play ghostly sounds and watch our friends scurry around. All went well until late that night when we came out of hiding to laugh with our friends. They thought it was great but wondered how we created the Phantom opening the street door and coming up the stairs dragging chains! We hadn’t!!! That mellowed everyone out very quickly.

Being stupid young scientists (this happened in 1978), we decided to meet at the office at midnight and conduct a seance to get the real Phantom to appear. Bad BAD idea. After dinner, we met in the conference room at midnight, held hands and summoned the spirits (expecting nothing). After a few minutes, the room got incredibly cold and we all felt a dark doom, like we were going to die. We decided to end the test and go home. We turned off the lights, closed the conference room door, locked up the top glass door and exited at the street level (Rock Road) where we were locking the street door (also glass). As we looked up the stairs we saw a strange blue light in the office (all the lights were out) and wondered who left a light on. My buddy and I went up the stairs and saw that the blue-white light was pouring out from the cracks of the conference room through the closed door! Neither of us was brave enough to actually enter the office, so we all decided to climb up the back fire escape and look into the conference room through the windows. When we got up the fire escape, we got the scare of our lives. In the conference room, where we had been sitting for our seance, there was an extremely bright, glowing blue-white ball (the size of a basketball), floating around the table at chest height. It had a blue gassy surface and a blue mist around it.

We all literally jumped off the fire escape and ran for our cars. I was the last to leave and it was extremely spooky, with a slight wind, full moon and eerie silence. The next day, nothing was disturbed in the office but we were so traumatized that we soon moved to new offices. We never determined what that blue ball was.

(Submitted by Jessica S)

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229 Rock Road
Glen Rock, NJ
United States

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40.9626249, -74.13066529999998
Bergen County, New Jersey
Nearest Towns:
Glen Rock, NJ (0.1 mi.)
Ridgewood, NJ (1.4 mi.)
Hawthorne, NJ (1.5 mi.)
Fair Lawn, NJ (1.5 mi.)
Midland Park, NJ (1.9 mi.)
Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ (2.8 mi.)
Prospect Park, NJ (2.9 mi.)
North Haledon, NJ (2.9 mi.)
Paramus, NJ (3.1 mi.)
Waldwick, NJ (3.4 mi.)


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