Haunted Places in Turner County, Georgia

    We're sorry, but there are currently no haunted listings available within the boundaries of Turner County, Georgia. If you know of one that should be listed here, please let us know via our submission form. Alternatively, you may want to expand your search to the state of Georgia.

    In the meantime, here's a list of all haunted places within 100 miles of Turner County, Georgia.

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    Hawkinsville Opera House

    Hawkinsville, Georgia

    40.1 miles from Turner County, GA

    Construction on the Hawkinsville Opera House began in 1907, and the 576-seat theater has been used as a makeshift church and a temporary movie cinema when those respective buildings burned. Now it is a historic theater and possibly home to a ghost, who is said to dim the lights at ...

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    Windsor Hotel

    Americus, Georgia

    43.4 miles from Turner County, GA

    This 1892 hotel once boasted 100 rooms and a 3-story atrium, but it closed in the 1970s. It has since reopened and now has 53 guest rooms. It was once the site of a 1928 speech given by Franklin D. Roosevelt, prior to his becoming governor of New York. The ...

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    Ashley-Slater House

    Douglas, Georgia

    48 miles from Turner County, GA

    The historic Ashley-Slater House, built in 1914 by Mr. John Marshall Ashley, is now office space for the Douglas Coffee County Economic Development Authority and Chamber of Commerce (although it is available for tours). It is said to be haunted by at least one of the six people said to ...

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    Plains Historic Inn and Antique Mall

    Plains, Georgia

    50.2 miles from Turner County, GA

    This quiet southern town was the birthplace of Jimmy Carter, and also boasts a supposedly haunted inn. The historic hotel formerly featured a funeral parlour on premises, but now houses delightful guest accommodation and a quaint antiques store with a variety of interesting displays, including local memorabilia. Apparently a ...

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    Baker County Courthouse

    Newton, Georgia

    50.3 miles from Turner County, GA

    Dating back to 1906, the historic courthouse no longer serves as a jail due to flooding from the nearby Flint River on several occasions. Disembodied footsteps and ghostly voices are often heard when there is no one around. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Atkinson County Courthouse

    Pearson, Georgia

    53.9 miles from Turner County, GA

    This 1920's courthouse is haunted, according to superstitious folk. The clock tower was the site of the execution of an innocent man, who vowed to wreak havoc on those who had unfairly punished him. Ever since, according to local lore, the clock won't keep correct time no matter how ...

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    500 N. Ashley St

    Valdosta, Georgia

    64.1 miles from Turner County, GA

    This place, formerly Vito's Pizzeria and Lounge but no longer open for business, was said to be haunted by a former owner who hanged himself on the premises when the building was a private home. Chairs were said to move on their own, and a shadowy apparition was known to ...

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    Cogdell Light

    Homerville, Georgia

    65.6 miles from Turner County, GA

    The Cogdell Light appears near the Okefenokee swamp late at night. Drivers go into the woods and turn off the car, then flash their headlights to call the "ghost." Then, a greenish-yellow glow seems to come out of the woods and head straight for the car. Some say this is ...

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    McLauchlin House

    Havana, Florida

    88.7 miles from Turner County, GA

    The 1860's house is now used for wedding receptions, but the owner says its not certain that a few unexpected guests may make an appearance. Visitors have reported several mischievous entities, and an eerie presence has been felt on the front porch. (Submitted by Callum Swift)