Haunted Places in Providence County, Rhode Island

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    Ruffstone Tavern

    North Providence, Rhode Island

    This tavern is said to be haunted by a man in a top hat holding a pipe and a woman who wears a musky perfume. Witnesses also have felt uneasy vibes in the basement. The place was featured on TV's Ghost Hunters.

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    Slater Mill Historic Site

    Pawtucket, Rhode Island

    The Slater Mill was a 1793 textile factory, and is now a museum of the machines of the Industrial Revolution. The haunts here are believed to be those killed while using some of the dangerous machines that caused dismemberment and death. Back then, small children were often employed as workers. ...

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    Rhode Island School of Design

    Providence, Rhode Island

    This school is popular with the spook set. Among the buildings believed to be haunted: Barstow House - The Turquoise and Red Rooms are said to house entities that cause depression and extreme cold, and large mirrors reflect apparitions late at night. Dexter House - A former morgue, it is reported to ...

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    Crescent Park Looff Carousel

    East Providence, Rhode Island

    The century-old Charles Loof Carousel, a.k.a. Crescent Park Carousel, was once part of an amusement complex and ballroom. The ballroom burned down in the 1960s, and it is said that those who perished in the fire still haunt the ride. Employees report that the music turns on by itself, the ...

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    Cumberland Public Library

    Cumberland, Rhode Island

    The library was built on the former site of the Monastery of Our Lady of the Valley, consecrated in 1928, which was partially destroyed by fire in 1950. Witnesses in the library have experienced ghostly voices, doors slamming, and apparitions. One witness found a rock mysteriously placed on the seat ...

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    Old Brook Farm - Perron Family House

    Burrillville, Rhode Island

    It's the house featured in the 2013 horror film "The Conjuring," and it is also private property, so no trespassing is allowed here. Please view the house only from the road. The story is of Roger and Carolyn Perron, purchased their dream home, which previously had belonged to 8 generations ...

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    Governor William Sprague Mansion

    Cranston, Rhode Island

    Sprague Mansion, built by mill magnate William Sprague in 1790, died during surgery after he accidentally swallowed a fish bone. His son William became a senator, and his other son Amasa ran the family business until 1843, when Amasa was found beaten and shot to death--a casualty of a feud ...

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    Providence City Hall

    Providence, Rhode Island

    Providence City Hall, say workers, is haunted by something who rides the elevator, moves chairs around, creates breezes, whispers, touches folks, slams doors, opens drawers and smokes cigars. Some speculate the ghost is a former mayor named Doyle. The site has been featured on an episode of TV’s Ghost Hunters.

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    Cady's Tavern

    Glocester, Rhode Island

    Cady's has been a Tavern since 1810 and was a stage coach stop there's been all kinds of activity over the years like chairs, dishes getting thrown jukebox boxes turning on etc (Submitted by Jim Wojdylak)