Haunted Places in Clackamas County, Oregon

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    Rhododendron Village

    Rhododendron, Oregon

    At this 1800s camping site for pioneers traveling the Oregon Trail, folks have reported strange sounds, doors opening and slamming, lights turning on and off, and floating orbs and other haunts who appear later in photographs. All the hubbub may stem from the fact that several graves were located during ...

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    Welches Roadhouse - Old Welches Inn

    Mount Hood Village, Oregon

    The Welches Roadhouse was said to be haunted by a woman who killed herself when she jumped in despair from a second-story door used for snowdrifts. She had taken in an escaped convict and was bearing his child, but he had left her. The location later became the Old Welches ...

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    Damascus Pioneer Cemetery

    Damascus, Oregon

    Visitors to this cemetery have reported unexplained sounds and shadows, and ghostly images have shown up in their photographs.

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    Harmony House - Dean's Homestyle Cafe

    Clackamas, Oregon

    Formerly the Harmony House and now Dean's Homestyle Cafe, the restaurant is said to be home to at least a couple of haunts. Employees have reported being locked in a supply closet by something unseen, and folks have heard strange voices and sounds, such as a man clearing his throat ...

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    McLoughlin House

    Oregon City, Oregon

    City founder Dr. John McLoughlin's spirit is said to linger in his former home. Witnesses say late at night their shoulders have been touched or a shadowy figure has appeared going down the hall. Footsteps and the smell of tobacco also have been reported, and beds are found to look ...