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The plaster has been stripped down in certain sections of this house to reveal the signatures of men who convalesced here during the Civil War when the house was used as a hospital. People believe that the ghost of a soldier still remains inside the Warren House and claim that at night you can see him standing at the windows.

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Geographic Information

102 West Mimosa Drive
Jonesboro, GA
United States

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33.5331199, -84.35345799999999
Clayton County, Georgia
Nearest Towns:
Jonesboro, GA (0.8 mi.)
Morrow, GA (3.6 mi.)
Irondale, GA (3.6 mi.)
Riverdale, GA (4.4 mi.)
Bonanza, GA (4.8 mi.)
Lake City, GA (5.2 mi.)
Forest Park, GA (6.2 mi.)
Stockbridge, GA (6.9 mi.)
Lovejoy, GA (7.1 mi.)
Conley, GA (7.9 mi.)


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  1. The whole neighborhood behind it is haunted too. I grew up there. I used to see an old Civil War soldier in the front of my house all the time late at night or really early in the morning when I was in elementary school that scared me so much I went to school through the backyard. (This was when North Jonesboro Elementary on Fifth Avenue was still an elementary school.)

  2. We have visited this house many times, day & night and have several pictures of strange faces in two windows. We also have very clear recordings of voices.. Not the garbled sounds they try to pass off on the ghost shows. We were very lucky to spend some time inside while renovations were going on & spoke to workers who daily had things happen they could not explain. Some of them were so spooked that they would not enter the house alone. I have pictures of the soldier’s signatures on the wall upstairs.

  3. I have some photos taken when the house was up for sale and unoccupied. There are two distinct photos which show clearly a soldier staring back at me from a ground floor window and one staring down from a second story window. I have always felt drawn to the house.

  4. I have lived just down the road all my life and am a civil war reenactor. During the battle of Jonesboro, the federal army stormed the house and murdered all of the convalescing confederates inside. They also set fire to a nearby church burning its congregation alive. My ancestor escaped on the last train to Atlanta. Though I have never seen any ghosts there, I’ve always heard the stories. The brutality of the federal forces may explain the wealth of ghost stories around Jonesboro.

    • Hi. My name is Ryan Anderson, and I am researching the area of Conley, GA for a book. Can you please contact me- I would love to ask you some questions since you have lived in that area all your life. Thanks- Ryan Anderson 704-236-6190, or ryan_welch1@yahoo.com

  5. My stepmother and her sisters and mother grew up in that house. They’ll tell you everything! From her mom being almost pushed off the balcony to ghost taking things and hiding them to being traumatized at night

    • Hi Ashley. My name is Ryan Anderson, and I am researching the area of Conley, GA for a book. Can you please contact me- I would love to ask your step mother/sisters some questions since they lived in that area and grew up there. Thanks- Ryan Anderson 704-236-6190, or ryan_welch1@yahoo.com

  6. I looked at the picture of the house, that Google is showing, as I was scrolling up at the top to go back and look at other hauntings in Georgia from the site…to only find a face in the upper right hand window. I had to zoom in at almost maximum to clearly see the face. It freaked me at first when i realized it.

  7. My uncle use to live in the there when i was a ten and actually found a set of wedding rings hidden in the mantle to one of the fire places and yes the place was spooky the attic was actually separated out a small room for dead solders and a larger one for live solders.with a hidden stair case to the attic

  8. Wayne domingue  |  

    I grew up in this house as it was my best friends house in the early 80s I spent several nights at this house and I’m not the type that is scared of a ghost but things go on when the lights are out but what took the cake was I feel like they tried to kill me at one point I was leaving for school no big deal but this morning I was riding a bike well pushed it up to the gate funny striper I’m not really very slot car but I always look two times before I ever get into a roadway I looked twice both ways and then enter the road on the bicycle and hit someone’s car or on the side flipped over the handlebars and landed in the windshield inside the car normally I would say yes I could have made out accident and not love but I know for a fact I love both ways twice there was nothing there the screaming and the hollering of amputation that you hear at night all that is real

    • Hi Wayne. My name is Ryan Anderson, and I am researching the area of Conley, GA for a book. Can you please contact me- I would love to ask you some questions since you have lived in that area. Thanks so much in advance- Ryan Anderson (cell) 704-236-6190, or ryan_welch1@yahoo.com

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