Haunted Places in Terlingua, Texas

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    Gage Hotel

    Marathon, Texas

    65.1 miles from Terlingua, TX

    Gage Hotel was built in the 1920s by Alfred Gage, who died less than a year after it was finished. The hotel is believed to be haunted by Mr. Gage himself. Witnesses have described apparitions on the front porch, in the patio gardens or in the hallways, and Room 10 ...

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    Marfa Lights

    Marfa, Texas

    67.8 miles from Terlingua, TX

    Near U.S. Route 67, these unexplained lights have been seen for decades, and were first reported in a 1957 magazine. Investigators from the University of Texas at Dallas studied and monitored the site for 4 days in 2004, and came to the conclusion that the famous lights are actually reflected ...

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    The Holland Hotel

    Alpine, Texas

    71.6 miles from Terlingua, TX

    This 1920's boutique hotel is supposedly haunted by the apparition of a woman and her child, who lived in the building many years ago. Apparently ghostly activity is most common on the third floor. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Fort Davis National Historic Site

    Fort Davis, Texas

    89.8 miles from Terlingua, TX

    The 1860s Confederate Fort Davis is believed to be haunted by the ghost of Alice Walpole, who was abducted by Native Americans in this area while looking for roses. Her body was never found, but soon afterward, sightings of her ghost were reported in this area. Two other interesting things ...

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