Haunted Places in Slana, Alaska

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    Gakona Lodge and Trading Post

    Gakona, Alaska

    51.2 miles from Slana, AK

    During a visit to the Gakona Lodge and Trading Post, you may hear disembodied footsteps and voices, and smell the ghostly waft of tobacco smoke from long ago.

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    Tonsina River Lodge

    Copper Center, Alaska

    82.2 miles from Slana, AK

    The ghost here is called "Charlie," and he's been seen for years and years by both staff and visitors alike. Though most seem to agree he's a playful sort, no one can really seem to agree on the story behind "Charlie". Some say he was shot by the ...

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    Old Copper Railroad - Edgerton Highway

    Chitina, Alaska

    88 miles from Slana, AK

    Disappearing gravestones, misplaced tools, and children's voices and laughter have been reported. Edgerton Highway is also known as McCarthy Road.

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