Haunted Places in Outlook, Montana

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    Souris Valley Mental Health Hospital

    Weyburn, Saskatchewan

    68 miles from Outlook, MT

    Souris Valley Mental Health Hospital opened in 1921, the area's largest and most expensive building at the time. Apparitions of former patients are said to wander in the building, the grounds and even the tree branches. Screams, bangs, odd lights and shadow figures have been reported by witnesses.

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    Old Armory

    Williston, North Dakota

    73.6 miles from Outlook, MT

    Built in 1915, the Old Armory is said to be haunted. Some folks claim the mannequins move aroung and unintelligible whispers are heard here. Rumor has it that a former staircase in the basement, now sealed, is guarded by the apparition of a soldier.

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    Old Wives Lake

    Courval, Saskatchewan

    99.3 miles from Outlook, MT

    The legend of Old Wives Lake involves a group of camping Cree Natives who were found by some Blackfoot scouts. The Cree knew the Blackfoot warriors would ambush them in the morning, so a group of elderly Cree women agreed to stay behind as decoys while the rest of the ...

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