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Allegedly haunted by the ghosts of three people who were killed in a double murder-suicide. The ghosts are alleged to be a feckless husband, his unhappy bride and the husband’s paramour that he picked up in the bar. Supposedly the bride went looking for her husband, found him chatting with this woman and followed them out of the bar, somehow managing to trail them all the way to the other woman’s room without being spotted, where she killed them and then returned to her room and shot herself.

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    Geographic Information

    1600 Central Ave
    Cheyenne, WY 82001
    United States

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    41.13315609806472, -104.8146480092621
    Laramie County, Wyoming
    Nearest Towns:
    Cheyenne, WY (0.6 mi.)
    Fox Farm-College, WY (2.1 mi.)
    South Greeley, WY (2.5 mi.)
    Warren Air Force Base, WY (2.7 mi.)
    Ranchettes, WY (6.0 mi.)
    Hillsdale, WY (18.4 mi.)
    Burns, WY (24.0 mi.)
    Carpenter, WY (24.1 mi.)
    Nunn, CO (29.7 mi.)
    Wellington, CO (31.3 mi.)

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    1. My Wife and I stayed there. Creepy décor reminded me of the hotel from the shining. It was always eerily quiet and I constantly felt like I was being watched or followed when walking in the halls. I got electrocuted by the elevator every time I pressed the buttons.

    2. Dec.27,2014, I went with staff on a few floors to look at rooms. I was interested in a weekly motel Rate. I was pushing my little Chihuahua in her stroller. We went to 4th floor n were almost to room 431 when my dog started to aggressively growl, and whimper, as if someone was standing in her way. I felt a cold chill go right thru me. Me n staff n my dog in stroller ran as fast as we could back to the elevator. It was a scary experience. It was as if someone was standing in the hallway saying. Don’t come any closer. Yikes.

    3. I️ stayed on the 4th floor. The channels kept changing while I️ was watching tv and the remote was in sight and not being touched. Also went to take the elevator down and I️ heard a girl talking right in front of me but the elevator, it took forever and when it opened a man was in their and water was all over the floor. My mum then went to press the 1st floor and 1st and 2nd button lit up. So I️ ran to the stairs and THE STAIRS ONLY GO TO THE SECOND FLOOR, well kind of I️ had to run to the next set of stairs which scared me. I️ also kept seeing dark figures and my room had a window with a metal screen on the outside of the glass and the screen was lifted like a sniper rifle had been pointed out of it (I️ am not easily scared and never have believed in paranormal stuff and when the remote thing happened I️ laughed and was making jokes but when the elevator thing happened I️ instantly starting crying, I️ have believed ever since that day)

    4. Staying there now…yesterday my son said that when he came out of our 4th floor room he saw a black man at the other end of the long hall who looked at him and then started running full speed towards him…he said he went back in the room as fast as he could and closed the door. He was very scared by the experience…

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