Haunted Places in Sandoval County, New Mexico

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    Rancho de Corrales

    Corrales, New Mexico

    A tragic family affair (literally) is the rumored source of the haunting at this former hacienda. The young son of the Embert family shot and killed a young woman who was rumored to be the father's mistress. Discord and strife settled into the family and some years later, ...

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    Jemez State Monument

    Jemez Springs, New Mexico

    Jemez State Monument, the ruins of an ancient pueblo and a 17th-century Spanish mission, is said to be haunted by many apparitions: priests, Native Americans and Spanish settlers. Visitors often hear disembodied footsteps as they walk among the ruins, and ghost lights are said to appear late at night.

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    Santa Ana Star Casino

    Bernalillo, New Mexico

    I have worked here on graveyard shift for a little over 3 years and have heard many stories. Last night a co-worker came up to me and was visually shaken. He said he was in an older part of the building were customers can't access and distinctly herd a little ...