Haunted Places in Monmouth County, New Jersey

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    Ashley House - Angel Nook Inn

    Neptune Township, New Jersey

    At this inn, originally built in 1875, ghosts are known to touch guests while they are sleeping and, in some instances, even crawl into bed with them.

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    Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital

    Marlboro Township, New Jersey

    Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital opened in early 1931 and operated for many years, but not without problems. Rampant deaths at the hospital were frequently being investigated. An adjacent cemetery holds nearly 1,000 graves. Over 130 patients became ill from food poisoning in the 1970s, four of whom died. The hospital was ...

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    The Spy House - Seabrook-Wilson House

    Middletown, New Jersey

    Seabrook-Wilson House, also known as the Spy House, is said to be the first house on the Jersey shoreline. It was constructed by Thomas Whitlock in the 1600s and is rumored to be haunted. It operated as a tavern during the Revolutionary war, and reports say that British troops would ...

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    Allaire Village

    Wall Township, New Jersey

    The 1800s living history museum Allaire Village is said to be haunted by Hal Allaire, son of James Peter Allaire. The ghost hangs out in the Big House, playing pranks on the costumed employees by moving objects or playing with candles. Oscar Smith is another spirit said to reside at ...

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    Stephen Crane House

    Asbury Park, New Jersey

    Stephen Crane House, which has been explored by TV's Ghost Hunters. It was the home of author Stephen Crane of "The Red Badge of Courage" fame. Witnesses here have seen apparitions and heard ghostly kids playing or crying. But look out -- a rambunctious ghost here has been known to ...