Haunted Places in Fowler, Kansas

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    Flower Pot Mountain

    Medicine Lodge, Kansas

    81.9 miles from Fowler, KS

    There are many different tellings of the legend of Flower Pot Mountain, so the story will differ depending on whom you speak to. However, some versions involve a ghost with a hidden diary, a gnarled tree, and a Native American massacre of pioneer settlers who once thought the Indians to ...

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    Vina Rae's Grill & Graze

    Avard, Oklahoma

    90.9 miles from Fowler, KS

    Vina Rae's Grill & Graze cafe in the old high school gym is said to be haunted. Orbs turn up in photographs, odors such as burning hair seem to come from nowhere, and the sounds of footsteps, voices, and knocking have been reported. The apparition of a headless woman showed ...

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    Eastman Hotel

    Waynoka, Oklahoma

    91.3 miles from Fowler, KS

    Rumor has it that although this building stands abandoned, here you may hear a ghostly baby cry, a man yelling, and the jingling of the doorman's keys. You may also see apparitions of former owners or hear them whistling.

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    Fort Hays

    Fowler, Kansas

    112 miles from Fowler, KS

    Originally called Fort Fletcher, Fort Hays was a U.S. Army post active 1865-1889, used during the American Indian Wars. In 1929 it opened as a historical park. The ghost said to haunt the premises is known as the Blue Light Lady. According to her legend, she was Elizabeth Polly, who ...

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