Haunted Places in Ferney, South Dakota

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    Northern State University

    Aberdeen, South Dakota

    20.4 miles from Ferney, SD

    Two buildings at the university are rumored to be haunted. The Jerde Hall dormitory is home to a ghostly little girl who has been seen and heard in rooms and hallways. The Johnson Fine Arts Center has a ghost who whistles a tune from the empty men's restroom and occasionally ...

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    Fort Sisseton State Park

    Eden, South Dakota

    35.7 miles from Ferney, SD

    Fort Sisseton State Park is said to be haunted. Witnesses here have described strange lights and a feeling of uneasiness.

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    South Dakota State University - Doner Auditorium

    Brookings, South Dakota

    95.2 miles from Ferney, SD

    The ghost who haunts Doner Auditorium is believed to be a former janitor who fell to his death in 1919 from an alcove that housed an organ. After that, the organ played randomly on its own until it was dismantled. The ghost still walks, though, tinkering with the electricity and ...

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    Fort Abercrombie

    Wahpeton, North Dakota

    101.6 miles from Ferney, SD

    Fort Abercrombie, built in 1858, was the first military settlement in North Dakota. In 1862, it was besieged by Sioux Indians for over six weeks; four soldiers were killed and two were wounded.

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