Haunted Places in Dighton, Kansas

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    Ellis Railroad Museum

    Ellis, Kansas

    58.2 miles from Dighton, KS

    The jail cell in this railroad museum is believed to be haunted, although it is currently used only for storage. The ghost was a prisoner who drowned in the 1958 flood, unable to escape the rising water. Unexplained noises and an eerie figure that flits past the windows are signs ...

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    Fort Hays

    Dighton, Kansas

    66.1 miles from Dighton, KS

    Originally called Fort Fletcher, Fort Hays was a U.S. Army post active 1865-1889, used during the American Indian Wars. In 1929 it opened as a historical park. The ghost said to haunt the premises is known as the Blue Light Lady. According to her legend, she was Elizabeth Polly, who ...

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