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The hotel building was built in 1875, and several spirits are believed to haunt it. The first is a hostile entity that haunts all floors of the building, and which has been known to attack guests and to slam doors. The second apparition is that of a lady in a white dress, who has been seen in the rooms of guests late at night. The third apparition is that of a workman in overalls, who is believed to have fallen to his death during the construction of the building. He has been seen by guests and staff sitting on the grand staircase, but when approached, he fades away. Various ghostly faces have been seen in the basement of the hotel, which stare at those present until they leave the lowest floor of the building. Cold spots, ghostly whispering voices and the sounds of babies crying when there is no one around have also been reported in the historic hotel.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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406 Main Street
Red Wing, MN
United States

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44.5658928, -92.53592100000003
Goodhue County, Minnesota
Nearest Towns:
Red Wing, MN (0.3 mi.)
Hager City, WI (2.5 mi.)
Bay City, WI (4.4 mi.)
Diamond Bluff, WI (7.4 mi.)
Frontenac, MN (9.6 mi.)
Maiden Rock, WI (11.1 mi.)
Ellsworth, WI (11.7 mi.)
Goodhue, MN (12.2 mi.)
Bellechester, MN (13.7 mi.)
Miesville, MN (13.8 mi.)

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  1. I experienced the angry man roaming the halls around 2AM screaming but was not in English (was not able to make out any specific words). Was very scared as I was by myself!

  2. My fiancĂ© and I were just there last week. I didn’t see anything but I got violently ill after breakfast, just once and then I was fine. He didn’t feel well all day either, but when I asked other people in the large group we were in, no one had problems (it was a buffet for the entire group). That night I had horrible stomach pains that kept me up and just a very uneasy feeling. On the final morning I had an uncontrollable urge to get away from the hotel and to the train station as soon as possible. Like total panic feeling! On the trip home on Amtrak I had a terrible feeling of loss and despair. I actually had a thought pop into my head to break off our engagement. We also had a couple of tense days when we got home, but that feeling slowly disippated. Were we attacked by the hostile spirit?
    I should also mention that he went on the group trip last year and also got violently ill.

  3. My cousin and I stayed there a couple of nights about six months ago. Everything was okay,until my cousin started screaming in the middle of the night. I went to her room and she was hysterical. She said she saw a man standing at the foot of her bed,just staring at her. He was tall, dark complected and wearing a hat and heavy coat. He looked like he was very dirty and he had an evil grin. She said that he disappeared, when she started screaming. When I went in her room, it was very cold, too cold in fact to be normal.As I held her, we both saw a shadow glide into the closet. I went to the closet and opened the door and nothing was there.We got her things and went to my room. I told the front desk what happened, they apologized and didn’t charge us for the room, but they told us that this wasn’t the first time that guests/employees have seen something like this. We left and I am planning on coming back, but my cousin refuses to come back. We were on the second floor, second room from the back of the building, facing the side street. YES, there is something there.

  4. I used to be a delivery driver for Hanisch and I would have to deliver here every day. Sometimes it was just to the first floor, basement or even the 5th floor. I used to frequently spot various ghosts standing in corners but would disappear when looked at closer.
    One morning, I had to deliver donuts to the 5th floor kitchen, as I was walking out of the kitchen, I felt something pull the bottom of my hair (I have straight shoulder length hair). I turned around but nothing was there. I figured I imagined it but got out of there as fast as I could. I knew I had felt something staring at me, but the second it touched me I ran to the elevator as fast as I could.

  5. My husband and I liked to spend Christmas Eve at the St. James, staying overnight. One time, on Christmas Eve, when I couldn’t sleep, I got out of bed, put on my robe and wandered the hallway. Saw coming towards me a man and wife. He was dressed like Santa and the wife had on a costume like Mrs. Claus would wear. It was about two in the morning. They were heading towards the stairs, and they just sort of glided past me, and disappeared. It gave me an eerie feeling and it seemed to me that they were somehow otherworldly. Has anyone else seen this pair of ghosts?

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