Haunted Places in Zortman, Montana

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    Harlem Hotel

    Harlem, Montana

    44.1 miles from Zortman, MT

    This old hotel is abandoned, but paranormal investigators reportedly were chased from the building by an evil entity. They alleged that they had been followed through the building by a wheelchair that moved of its own accord. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Rocky Boy Indian Reservation

    Box Elder, Montana

    62.9 miles from Zortman, MT

    This spot seems to be a hub for unusual activity of all kinds. Not only ghosts have been seen here. There also have been sightings of UFOs, Bigfoot, and "little people."

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    Yogo Inn

    Lewistown, Montana

    72.1 miles from Zortman, MT

    This motel was a former train depot, and many guests staying here have reported ghostly experiences. Staff have reportedly seen a woman in period clothing while cleaning rooms, and a shadowy apparition pacing the dining room of the building. The ghost of a former chef is known to throw pots ...

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    Graves Hotel - Harlowtown Hotel

    Harlowton, Montana

    119.3 miles from Zortman, MT

    It is said that the former owner, an elderly man, used to sit in his rocking chair on the top floors and look out the window at the river. After he passed away, his chair was stored in the closet, but the chair mysteriously appears at the window, even when ...

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