Haunted Places in whitla, Alberta

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    Heritage Inn Hotel

    Taber, Alberta

    49.7 miles from whitla, AB

    Heritage Inn has a ghost called Charlie who plays tricks on the living. Some storytellers claim Charlie was a guest who died in a fire here in 1979. Others say he's a man who had a heart-attack in Room 125 in the late 1980s. His body was discovered in the ...

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    Community Cultural Centre

    Brooks, Alberta

    60.4 miles from whitla, AB

    Community Cultural Centre has several ghosts, including a young boy with a backpack, an elderly janitor who still cleans the rooms, and an elderly woman who has been seen and heard by children. She reads stories to them. Staff say there's also a ghost boy, age 9, who plays with ...

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    William T. Ogden House - Stirling Haunted Mansion

    Stirling, Alberta

    71.1 miles from whitla, AB

    Stirling Haunted Mansion is a privately owned home that's been a popular locale for ghost tours. Owners have reported electrical anomalies as well as several apparitions of a little girl, a teen girl, and an older lady and gentleman. The older man is believed to be William, the original owner, ...

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