Haunted Places in The Mole, New South Wales

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    Royal Bull's Head Inn

    Drayton, Queensland

    104 miles from The Mole, AU-NSW

    The historic inn is haunted by several apparitions. People have reported hearing the cries of a baby coming from a well at the rear of the inn. The apparitions seen inside the inn include a lady in a night dress who has been seen creeping around the parlour room ...

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    Rosewood Hotel

    Rosewood, Queensland

    113 miles from The Mole, AU-NSW

    The historic hotel is haunted by at least three spirits. The first is that of an elderly woman in a black dress, who has been seen floating up and down the hotel verandah. The second is the ghost of a soldier who was shot in the building. His gentle voice ...

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    Old Flour Mill Cafe

    Ipswich, Queensland

    119.5 miles from The Mole, AU-NSW

    People at the restaurant have reported a ghost that moves around cutlery. A shadowy apparition in an overcoat has been seen on certain evenings. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Ipswich Jets Pub

    North Ipswich, Queensland

    120.1 miles from The Mole, AU-NSW

    Staff hear have reported phantom footsteps and doors opening and closing of their own accord. Staff have also seen the apparition crouching in the corner of the manager’s office. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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