Haunted Places in spanish, Ontario

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    Bayview Hotel

    Bruce Mines, Ontario

    69.5 miles from spanish, ON

    Bayview Hotel or Bay View Hotel, now a private residence, was in operation as far back as the 1800s. Rumor has it that way back around then, a mentally disabled child was hidden away in the attic for years, and it may be this child's spirit who haunts the place ...

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    Old Presque Isle Light

    Presque Isle, Michigan

    80.1 miles from spanish, ON

    Local legend tales of a former lightkeeper's wife who was kept locked in the tower until she went insane. Her screams have been heard on the wind at night. Another legend, that of George Parris, surrounds this lighthouse. In the 1990s when the place became a museum, George and his ...

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    Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse

    spanish, Michigan

    89.4 miles from spanish, ON

    Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse was built in the 1830s and was automated in 1983. The ghost of a former keeper named Morgan is said to reside here. His apparition has been seen walking along the shore and has been felt by lighthouse visitors.

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    Sturgeon Point Lighthouse

    Harrisville, Michigan

    111.3 miles from spanish, ON

    Sturgeon Point Lighthouse, built in 1869, once had a ghost that carried its dim light up the stairs to the tower at night. However, the tower is now walled up, and the wall sports a painted mural of a lighthouse keeper.

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