Haunted Places in Saint Charles, South Dakota

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    IOOF Cemetery

    Gregory, South Dakota

    20.6 miles from Saint Charles, SD

    Passersby have become concerned upon seeing a white-haired man wandering alone through the cemetery as if lost, or looking for something. When they stop to see if they can help him, he simply vanishes.

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    Libby's Steakhouse

    Springfield, South Dakota

    62.7 miles from Saint Charles, SD

    Some say the basement of Libby’s Steakhouse, formerly Hoch Drugstore, was haunted by the ghost of a girl, whose apparition was glimpsed once. Witnesses say bowls will fall over if the basement door is left open, and folks have noticed an uneasy feeling on the basement stairs. Rumor has it ...

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    Centennial Hall

    Valentine, Nebraska

    74.8 miles from Saint Charles, SD

    Visitors to Nebraska's oldest standing school building, built in 1897, may see more than just the museum exhibits. Legend has it that in 1944, a girl was fatally poisoned while playing her clarinet; the poison was found on her reed. Her apparition has been glimpsed along with a generally bad ...

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