Haunted Places in Red Pheasant, Saskatchewan

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    Fort Battleford

    Battleford, Saskatchewan

    19.2 miles from Red Pheasant, SK

    Fort Battleford, the sixth North-West Mounted Police fort to be established in the Northwest Territories, is the site where Chief Poundmaker was arrested and six Cree and two Stoney men were hanged for their participation in the Frog Lake Massacre and other killings in 1885. It is said that the ...

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    Saskatchewan Hospital

    Denholm, Saskatchewan

    19.9 miles from Red Pheasant, SK

    Saskatchewan Hospital, the area's first mental hospital, had 4,000 patients during its busiest time in 1946, but by 1980 had fewer than 300 in its care. Ghostly activity here includes unexplained sounds, mists, lights and whispers from behind the headstones in the cemetery at night; a 1930s burn victim's apparition ...

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    Smithville Cemetery

    Vanscoy, Saskatchewan

    66.1 miles from Red Pheasant, SK

    The turn-of-the-century Smithville Cemetery is said to boast eerie lights, unexplained noises, disembodied voices and mysterious mists.

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