Haunted Places in radium hot springs, British Columbia

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    Banff Springs Hotel

    Banff, Alberta

    44.5 miles from radium hot springs, BC

    The 1880s Banff Springs Hotel is grandly magnificent, and still in operation. It doesn't only house living guests, though. Some say its ghosts include a 1932 bride who tripped on her gown and broke her neck on the stairs on her wedding day. She appears dancing alone in the dining ...

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    Lake Minnewanka

    radium hot springs, Alberta

    54.8 miles from radium hot springs, BC

    Named "Lake of the Water Spirit" because town officials thought the name "Cannibal Lake" which the natives called it was a bit too grim. Natives believed that a Water Spirit that was half fish and half human lived in the lake and dragged the unwary to their deaths. ...

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