Haunted Places in Quindalup, Western Australia

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    Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse

    Naturaliste, Western Australia

    10.1 miles from Quindalup, AU-WA

    This historic lighthouse was opened in 1904, and has been the scene of many shipwrecks, from which rumours of haunting's are believed to stem. The first is an aggressive female spirit, who has been known to throw objects and push people around. The second is the apparition of a young ...

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    Nannup Bakery

    Nannup, Western Australia

    42.5 miles from Quindalup, AU-WA

    This historic bakery was abandoned since the 1930's, but now appears to once again be in operation. The last owner apparently vanished, and left everything behind in the store as it previously was. There are many reports of hauntings regarding this tiny establishment, including the banging of pots and pans ...

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