Haunted Places in Poplar, Montana

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    Fort Peck Hotel

    Nashua, Montana

    58.1 miles from Poplar, MT

    The historic hotel was used as living quarters for those constructing a nearby dam, and many of the spirits who perished during the construction of it are believed to haunt the hotel. Two spirits are known to haunt the upper floor of the building, including an apparition that paces an ...

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    Fort Peck Theatre

    Fort Peck, Montana

    58.3 miles from Poplar, MT

    A workman fell and died during the construction of this building around 1934. Folks say his ghost is still here, and likes to protect people who are working on ladders or climbing stairs. His ghostly form has been seen in his work khakis in the back balcony. It has also ...

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    Jordan Inn

    Glendive, Montana

    73.2 miles from Poplar, MT

    This hotel and bar was once a focal point for the mining population of the town, and is believed to be haunted by the apparitions of a woman and her child. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Kempton Hotel

    Terry, Montana

    91.4 miles from Poplar, MT

    The 1902 Kempton Hotel has an attic that was used to house overflow flu patients from the early 1900s flu epidemic, and one of the patients who died there is said to linger here in spirit. Her apparition wears a long white dress and appears in the attic or the ...

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