Haunted Places in pointe du bois, Manitoba

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    Devil Island

    Fort Alexander, Manitoba

    48.3 miles from pointe du bois, MB

    Devil’s Island, aka Devil Island, in Lake Winnipegosis, is said to be haunted by spirits that make strange noises and screams. It is said that campers who try to brave the ghosts by staying the night here are always frightened away.

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    Selkirk Friendship Centre

    Selkirk, Manitoba

    59.4 miles from pointe du bois, MB

    The ghost at this Friendship Centre isn't very friendly. Some legends say Selkirk Friendship Centre is haunted by an angry elderly man who used to live here but was forced out of his home. In defiance, he hanged himself in his basement. Others say it was a homeless man who ...

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    St. Andrews on the Red

    pointe du bois, Manitoba

    65.1 miles from pointe du bois, MB

    The old stone church St. Andrew's on the Red, built in the mid-1800s, is said to be haunted by two apparitions: a man in black and woman in white. The two ghosts are reported to float through the cemetery at night, and a phantom car with glowing red eyes is ...

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