Haunted Places in Plush, Oregon

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    Hotel Niles

    Alturas, California

    72.1 miles from Plush, OR

    This historic hotel began it's long and illustrious history back in 1908, when it was built for the many residents of the growing town. Since then, the hotel has narrowly escaped demolishment and is now one of the county icons. The third floor of the hotel is believed to have ...

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    Fiddler's Green

    Plush, California

    74.9 miles from Plush, OR

    According to legend, a pioneer woman was killed here by robbers while her husband was not at home. Her body was tossed down the well on the site. Her apparition has been seen walking near the lake's shore with a lantern, and the sound of her playing her fiddle has ...

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    Ye Olde Castle Restaurant

    Burns, Oregon

    91.7 miles from Plush, OR

    The building was originally a house in the early 1800's, but is now an antique shop and restaurant. The ghost haunts here is believed to be a past resident. She is a lady in a blue dress, who stares at people before vanishing and reappearing somewhere else in the restaurant. ...

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