Haunted Places in plumas, Manitoba

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    Mallard Lodge

    Westbourne, Manitoba

    33.9 miles from plumas, MB

    When the Mallard Lodge was being constructed in 1932 on the estate of athlete and businessman Donald H. Bain, legend has it that a worker fell into the foundation and was accidentally sealed in. This ghost and that of a groundskeeper are said to linger here in spirit. Now, folks ...

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    plumas, Manitoba

    34.4 miles from plumas, MB

    Manipogo is a serpentlike lake monster rumored to live in Lake Manitoba. Sightings of the water beast have been reported since 1908. Some folks believe it's a very large lake sturgeon or a leftover plesiosaur. Reports peg the monster at 12 feet to 50 feet long, brown, and humpy. Researchers ...

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    Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba

    Brandon, Manitoba

    53.2 miles from plumas, MB

    Eerie footsteps and a feeling of being watched have been reported by nighttime janitors at the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba.

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    White Lady Lane

    Walhalla, North Dakota

    115.3 miles from plumas, MB

    The road known as White Lady Lane goes through the Tetrault Woods between the towns Leroy and Walahalla. Local legend tells of a young girl who became pregnant out of wedlock. Her religious parents forced her to marry the man against her will, and after the wedding, the baby died. ...

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