Haunted Places in Oasis, Nevada

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    Wild West Inn

    Wells, Nevada

    25.5 miles from Oasis, NV

    Lights reportedly turn on and off by themselves and people here strange whispering noises when there is no one around. Guests staying towards the rear of the hotel have reported seeing the apparition of a man looking into their rooms from outside, and two ghostly dogs reportedly haunt the upper ...

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    Howells Opera House

    Oakley, Idaho

    89.6 miles from Oasis, NV

    This historic opera house is reputed to be haunted by two apparitions, who were associated with the building in their past lives. The first is a female apparition, who appears during performances, and has even been known to appear on the stage during rehearsals. The second is a distinguished ...

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    Stricker Ranch

    Hansen, Idaho

    99.3 miles from Oasis, NV

    A former part of the Oregon trail, many people believe that the ghosts of those who died along its passage remain and some haunt the Stricker Ranch. The current owner believes that ghost of Mrs. Stricker still remains and he claims she's helped him out a time or two, ...

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    Sidewinders Bar & Grill

    Murtaugh, Idaho

    102.5 miles from Oasis, NV

    Visit this bar and grill, housed in a 1908 building that for many years was a sort of saloon, and you may see and hear some strange things. The jukebox has been known to max out its volume suddenly, ghostly laughter may ring out, and unexplained shadowy figures may be ...

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