Haunted Places in nemegos, Ontario

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    Windsor Park Hotel

    Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

    98.9 miles from nemegos, ON

    Those who visit Windsor Park Hotel may want to pay close attention while on the elevator. The buttons are said to often be pressed by an unseen hand, usually causing the elevator to go to the fifth floor. Footsteps, electrical anomalies and unusually cold air also have been reported, as ...

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    Bayview Hotel

    Bruce Mines, Ontario

    101.8 miles from nemegos, ON

    Bayview Hotel or Bay View Hotel, now a private residence, was in operation as far back as the 1800s. Rumor has it that way back around then, a mentally disabled child was hidden away in the attic for years, and it may be this child's spirit who haunts the place ...

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    Point Iroquois Lighthouse

    Brimley, Michigan

    108.6 miles from nemegos, ON

    A great Indian battle was held on the land where the Point Iroquois Lighthouse now stands, and a shadowy apparition seen here is thought to be a victim of that battle. Also, the ghost of a little girl has been seen on the grounds, believed to be one who was ...

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