Haunted Places in manyberries, Alberta

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    Heritage Inn Hotel

    Taber, Alberta

    70.2 miles from manyberries, AB

    Heritage Inn has a ghost called Charlie who plays tricks on the living. Some storytellers claim Charlie was a guest who died in a fire here in 1979. Others say he's a man who had a heart-attack in Room 125 in the late 1980s. His body was discovered in the ...

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    Rocky Boy Indian Reservation

    Box Elder, Montana

    88.3 miles from manyberries, AB

    This spot seems to be a hub for unusual activity of all kinds. Not only ghosts have been seen here. There also have been sightings of UFOs, Bigfoot, and "little people."

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    Community Cultural Centre

    Brooks, Alberta

    96.8 miles from manyberries, AB

    Community Cultural Centre has several ghosts, including a young boy with a backpack, an elderly janitor who still cleans the rooms, and an elderly woman who has been seen and heard by children. She reads stories to them. Staff say there's also a ghost boy, age 9, who plays with ...

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    Tamerack Apartments

    Conrad, Montana

    102.2 miles from manyberries, AB

    The building was a former historic hospital, and was abandoned for a period of time before being refurbished as apartments. Screams come out of unoccupied apartments, and residents have seen glowing apparitions flying through the hallways of the apartment block. An evil entity is also believed to reside here, and ...

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