Haunted Places in manitowaning, Ontario

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    Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse

    manitowaning, Michigan

    83 miles from manitowaning, ON

    Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse was built in the 1830s and was automated in 1983. The ghost of a former keeper named Morgan is said to reside here. His apparition has been seen walking along the shore and has been felt by lighthouse visitors.

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    Sturgeon Point Lighthouse

    Harrisville, Michigan

    100.5 miles from manitowaning, ON

    Sturgeon Point Lighthouse, built in 1869, once had a ghost that carried its dim light up the stairs to the tower at night. However, the tower is now walled up, and the wall sports a painted mural of a lighthouse keeper.

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    Rocklyn Inn

    Markdale, Ontario

    105.5 miles from manitowaning, ON

    At the historic Rocklyn Inn, rumor has it that a ghostly maid still cleans some of the rooms.

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