Haunted Places in lower wood harbour, Nova Scotia

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    Churchill Mansion Inn

    Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

    36.3 miles from lower wood harbour, NS

    Churchill Mansion Inn, circa 1890, was once the private residence of a Captain Churchill and according to legend, is haunted by his wife. The lady's ghost has been seen in a rocking chair by the window, waiting for her husband to come home. Sometimes a rocking chair there will rock ...

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    Mahone Bay

    Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

    93.1 miles from lower wood harbour, NS

    The ship Young Teazer exploded and sank in 1813 here in Mahone Bay, and since then folks have reported a burning phantom ship with ghostly crewmen running about on the deck, aflame. The reports seem to come most often near the anniversary of the ship's sinking: June 17. The site ...

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    Stem at Stern Bed and Breakfast

    Bridgetown, Nova Scotia

    94.3 miles from lower wood harbour, NS

    Stem at Stern Bed and Breakfast is a Victorian inn that has a ghost man who appears at the window when the house is empty. Very cold spots and tapping at the windows in the middle of the night have been reported by guests, as well as a spooky apparition ...

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