Haunted Places in Kogan, Queensland

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    Royal Bull's Head Inn

    Drayton, Queensland

    80.6 miles from Kogan, AU-QLD

    The historic inn is haunted by several apparitions. People have reported hearing the cries of a baby coming from a well at the rear of the inn. The apparitions seen inside the inn include a lady in a night dress who has been seen creeping around the parlour room ...

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    North Toowoomba, Queensland

    81.6 miles from Kogan, AU-QLD

    This historic house is haunted by the apparition of a man in a brown suit, who has been seen pacing back and forth in front of the windows. Other former tenants claim to have heard strange noises coming from the main bedroom, but upon investigation, have found nothing. (Submitted by Callum ...

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    Jalna House

    Mount Lofty, Queensland

    81.9 miles from Kogan, AU-QLD

    A young woman named Mary McGovern haunts the house. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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    Gowrie House - YWCA Hostel

    East Toowoomba, Queensland

    82.2 miles from Kogan, AU-QLD

    This historic house and hostel for young woman is believed to be haunted. Staff and visitors have seen a matronly apparition of a woman in a long grey dress. The jangling of keys is often heard when there is no one around. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

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