Haunted Places in Kensal, North Dakota

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    University of Jamestown

    Jamestown, North Dakota

    26.8 miles from Kensal, ND

    Ghosts are said to frequent two spots at the University of Jamestown: At the Kroeze Hall, students claim to hear the clicks of the spirit of a former student (and suicide victim) playing with his beloved Rubik's Cube. And in Watson Hall, the apparition of a girl around age 6 ...

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    Totten Trail Historic Inn

    Saint Michael, North Dakota

    48.3 miles from Kensal, ND

    This historic inn still operates as a bed and breakfast, but was used as living quarters by officers and their families during the late nineteenth century. There are reports of a man and a woman dying in the inn before renovations, and guests have seen shadowy apparitions following them around ...

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    Harvey Public Library

    Harvey, North Dakota

    64.7 miles from Kensal, ND

    Harvey Public Library, witnesses say, is home to mysterious flickering lights, missing objects, and strange computer glitches. The ghost, they say, is Sophie. Sophia Eberlein-Bentz lived on the site of the library when she was killed by her husband Jacob Bentz with a hammer on Oct. 2, 1931. And coincidentally, ...

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    Sage Hill Bed and Breakfast

    Anamoose, North Dakota

    77 miles from Kensal, ND

    Most of the reviews about Sage Hill list the word "remote". This B&B is a renovated schoolhouse. Ghost sightings include: the smell of cigar smoke believed to be that of a former superintendent of the school, black shadows that stream past you and can be glimpsed from the corner of ...

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