Haunted Places in Kanorado, Kansas

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    Summit Springs Battlefield

    Otis, Colorado

    95.9 miles from Kanorado, KS

    Summit Springs Battlefield is rumored to be haunted by the spirits of those who died here. The 1869 Battle of Summit Springs between Army colonel Eugene A. Carr and the Cheyenne Dog Soldiers took the life of Native-American Chief Tall Bull, among other casualties. Ghostly soldiers and Native Americans may ...

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    Devil's Canyon

    McCook, Nebraska

    99.6 miles from Kanorado, KS

    A dirt road located 7 miles north of McCook on East 11th Street leads to what locals have named Devil's Canyon. Its story is old and sad: Over 100 years ago a man is said to have killed his wife and kids here, then killed himself. Nicknamed The Duke, his ...

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    Ramada Sterling

    Sterling, Colorado

    107.2 miles from Kanorado, KS

    Room 104 is said to be haunted by a ghostly woman who wears a nightgown stained with blood on the front, allegedly where she was shot. She has been seen walking around the room and straightening up the place.

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