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This historic hotel has been acquired by the state historical society and is due to be renovated to restore it to its former glory. The hotel is rumoured to be haunted, which has been testified by many former guests, patrons and staff, and is widely acclaimed to be the towns most haunted building. The first commonly seen apparition is that of builder and former owner Alexander Dunn, who. Is most active in the observatory room which was formerly his bedroom. The second is another former female owner, who wanders the hotel ensuring that everything is in order. The third is believed to be the mistress of President McKinley, a frequent visitor to the hotel and town. On certain nights, staff say that they have heard a celebration occurring on the upper floor, but upon investigation have found nothing. Other paranormal activity includes ghostly music and a poltergeist that likes to move furniture around.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

162 Main Street
Zoar, OH
United States

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40.61229598603038, -81.4221585094765
Tuscarawas County, Ohio
Nearest Towns:
Zoar, OH (0.1 mi.)
Bolivar, OH (3.0 mi.)
Sandyville, OH (3.3 mi.)
Mineral City, OH (3.3 mi.)
East Sparta, OH (5.2 mi.)
Parral, OH (5.3 mi.)
Strasburg, OH (5.6 mi.)
Dover, OH (6.9 mi.)
Magnolia, OH (7.0 mi.)
New Philadelphia, OH (8.6 mi.)


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    • Their is only 1 ghost in the Zoar Hotel. his name Is William Bimeler. Owner,Manager from 1900 too 1929 when he died. He was ill the last 2 years of his life. His wife was Lillian ruof bimeler. her brother edgar ruof was also co owner. Look! It’s not that Haunted! they are rare occasions. nothing scary or malicious. How do I know who it Is. We are the last family that lived in the zoar hotel from 1975 to 1978. I only found out recently when I saw a picture of William bimeler….like my brother said. I will never forget those eyes. as far as the sound of parties. that is true. sounded like at least 30 people talking clinging glasses and piano. wich is hard to wrap your head around. because their is only one force their. Only William. Who I thank for not scaring the hell out of me. The alexander gunn thing is silly. he died in Germany and was brought back. He didn’t have the responsibility of running the hotel. and his picture doesn’t match wich I new 40 years ago.Many waitresses and a handful of other people who have seen William Bimeler. But didn’t know who he was….historical society photos have several pics of him. he is with Lillian sitting on a porch with a dog. The pic is called unknown couple in Zoar. Their sitting on Hotel Porch. Another pic he is holding a clarionet instrument in his hand, my favorite pic is hotel employees standing buy porch. most of the employees are holding trays, William and Lillian are in the back row with Mary Ruof, You can click on photo and get close up on William and Lillian. He has a face you will not forget. And Lillian is a doll.. Took me 41 years to figure out. But, I have been busy…glta

      • I seen William sitting in the breakfast room one night when I was going down to get a snack from the vending machine, he wasn’t looking at me at first because I was being veryyyy quiet, then I made a small noise and his head turned to me quicker than a snap, I looked at him, we locked eyes for 3 seconds then he faded like sheets of paper flying everywhere, I ditched my snack AND RAN!!

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