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Ghostly footsteps are heard, cold gusts of wind are felt in the lobby despite no possible source, and strange, shadowy figures have been seen throughout. The former manager, Zane Grey, might be responsible.

(Submitted by Chris Berglund)

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Geographic Information

199 Chimes Tower Rd
Avalon, CA 90704
United States

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33.346722, -118.328663
Los Angeles County, California
Nearest Towns:
Avalon, CA (0.3 mi.)
San Pedro, CA (27.0 mi.)
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA (27.7 mi.)
Rolling Hills, CA (28.4 mi.)
Huntington Beach, CA (28.8 mi.)
Sunset Beach, CA (29.6 mi.)
Newport Beach, CA (29.7 mi.)
Long Beach, CA (30.1 mi.)
Seal Beach, CA (30.2 mi.)
Rolling Hills Estates, CA (30.5 mi.)


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  1. The Zane Grey is definitely haunted! We stayed there this past week from 7/23- 7/26. Apparently, it was closed under for long renovation and recently reopened. We stayed in room 104 which is located where the original house was which we learned after we left. We didn’t realize it was haunted until we shared experiences on our way home. I didn’t let me husband know while there because he paid a lot for the trip and I didn’t want to seem like I wasn’t enjoying it. Every single night I had multiple terrible dreams about things happening to us or loved ones. When I would awaken there was a dark presence I sensed in the corner of the room by the door and I had the feeling that whatever it was there didn’t want us there. The first night, I dreamt we were getting a attacked and I woke up looked around in the dark and felt an erie feeling then tried to go back to sleep. Right after falling asleep again, I had another dream and this time it involved my daughter being kidnapped (which has never happened in real life) again I woke up. Every night was like this but once we left the hotel it was fine. Multiple bad dreams that would wake me up multiple times in the night.
    My husband said the same thing happened to him and woke up repeatedly throughout the night. He also said one night he woke up after he sensed someone walking across the room. He said he thought it was me going to the bathroom but he looked over and I was still in the bed. He said he felt like it was a male and it was mad that we were there invading his space. There is a sitting room prior to entering the hallway towards our room and we both felt like someone was there even though the room is empty. It’s a beautiful place but there is unsettled energy there. Once we were on our way home I finally told my husband and he shared what he felt also. Needless to say we will not stay there again even though its a beautiful place. I think its Mr. Grey and he is unhappy with the renovation and doesn’t want people there so he does what he can to keep you uncomfortable.

  2. I went the summer of 2011 the year after I high school. I went with my best friend and his parents. There was an open door from the parents room to our room. I had my own bed on one side of the room and my friend was on the other. Around 2 in the morning there was a thunderous bang on the wall my friend was by and it woke me. Right after that, someone sprinted down the main hallway. I knew it wasn’t a human at that time of night…but what was it? Then I hear footsteps on the ceiling inside of my room. Not on the roof. I knew there was a spirit a few feet away from me and it was a man. Probably Mr. Grey. He didn’t seem demonic, but just wanting to scare me. Which worked! I couldn’t sleep and I was praying all night. There was another bang and more footsteps right by my bed. I couldn’t move but when I looked nobody was there. I fell asleep at 5 a.m. But right when I did, I felt a hand on my back push me forward really hard and woke me again. I FELT that hand. Anyways I didn’t tell my friend until 2019. Never going back!

  3. Zane Grey was not the manager of the hotel, he was a famous writer who wrote Old Western type novels. The building was constructed as his private mansion in the 1920’s and after his death in 1939 was converted into a hotel bearing his name.

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