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A benign and lively ghost apparently haunts this cafe in Spring, Texas. The ghost is believed to be the original owner Charlie Wunsche. Although the ghost appears more inclined to mischievous pranks – holding doors closed, hiding items and messing with electronics- he has been sighted by employees on occasion. Those who work there believe that Charlie is still looking out for his investment and his staff.

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Geographic Information

103 Midway St
Spring, TX
United States

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30.079163000759475, -95.41752755663765
Harris County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Spring, TX (0.1 mi.)
Oak Ridge North, TX (5.8 mi.)
The Woodlands, TX (6.9 mi.)
Shenandoah, TX (7.3 mi.)
Porter Heights, TX (7.6 mi.)
Woodloch, TX (9.6 mi.)
Aldine, TX (10.4 mi.)
Humble, TX (10.8 mi.)
Tomball, TX (11.9 mi.)
Hudson, TX (13.2 mi.)


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  1. I attended this restaurant when I was younger (around 6-10) every time I went I was told that there was a face in one of the pictures hanging on the wall. I never believed it until one day i finally took a look. And sure enough in a window there is a pale shadow looking face looking back at me. I was terrified, and i haven’t been back since

    • hi guys I will love to get into touch with the owner beacuse I will pay to stay the night and flim for my youtube page when I was young I felt something pule on my t shirt while I was eating their

  2. This place has burned down and the owners have said they will not rebuild. Hate to see that I have eaten there many times and loved the old building.

  3. True there was a fire that destroyed the inside. however it is up 4 sale. since the fire i have heard that the police had to go inside to investigate a claim that a light was seen burning from the upstairs balcony. my brother who is a sergeant with the local police department told me this.. there have also been reports of what sounded like people moving furniture inside?

  4. So, if you read about their final fire that closed them down, the fire department says they have no idea what caused the fire, because it started in the middle of the restaurant, like it happened out of thin air. And, the fire spread only in the places where renovations had been made. Could this be the spirit that lives there angered by all their renovations?

  5. We’d been eating there for years and always heard the rumors. My ten year old son was very interested and asked one day if he could go upstairs (they always have it roped off w a sign that says not to go upstairs). This time the waitress let us go look. She stayed w us the entire time. My son took about five pictures and when we got back to our table what we saw on the camera screen was so Creepy we asked the waitress to go back upstairs w us to confirm that what was photographed wasn’t a reflection or any explanation for what we were all seeing. There wasn’t
    I’m two different spots in the same room were ghosts. I am trying to find the original pictures. One is a man and a smaller figure in the mirror another was on the ceiling and looked like a white figure but w bones. We took the photos up after having them printed and the staff put them on their walls. A year later it burned down! I totally believe after that experience!

  6. The Wunsche brothers love to cook but when they died the really never left. I remember the family loved talking about THIER escapades and would loved to play pranks on everyone.

  7. Now the newly opened and renovated restaurant has the upstairs opened for the public to see. And you wouldn’t want to skip it. I was able to spend my time alone up there. Many things caught my interest. There are a lot of mirrors up there. Room #5 must have been modified by the stair case because if it were to open, it would open to the stair case, the actual room is on the other side of the stair case. It is in that room that I found the most interesting of all the photos on the wall. If you look at the picture above the chair the faces of the man and women change depending on the angle you are looking at the picture. No other picture is like it. This is such a very cool place.

  8. To the owners of Wunchie Bros:
    My family has lived in spring for over twenty years we have a tradition of going to your restaurant every time we were in Old Town Spring. One of my daughters worked there, and had her rehearsal dinner there.
    My husband and I ate lunch there recently. We loved the remodel and the food.
    I was surprised to see the unisex bathroom. I would like to express my disappointment regarding that choice.
    What would anyone send their child to a bathroom where an adult man might be?
    As a women I was very uncomfortable using a bathroom with a man there.
    I can assure you this makes no sense to the vast majority or your customers.
    It’s hard to understand that choice being made for such a small minority of the population. Probably only
    the naive twenty somethings.
    I am sorry to say we won’t be back.

  9. Just visited Spring with family in August. We took a ghost tour, which was very affordable and ‘well worth’ the money (even for the history and cool buildings alone). It was my teenage daughter, however, who was able to capture the image of a girl on her camera phone (second floor of the Judges house, near the hanging tree) – absolutely hair-raising! While I did take several pics, I got nothing, lol, but sharing in that experience was just too cool.

  10. Unisex bathroom? Count me in. I love establishments that are inclusive to everyone! Nan, no need to come back because you won’t be missed.

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