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The abandoned hospital is said to be haunted. Strange noises have been reported, including a woman’s scream. The nursery is said to be very cold.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    W Francis Ave and N Somerville St
    Pampa, TX 79065
    United States

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    35.5364089, -100.96568509999997
    Gray County, Texas
    Nearest Towns:
    Pampa, TX (0.3 mi.)
    Lefors, TX (11.3 mi.)
    Skellytown, TX (12.6 mi.)
    White Deer, TX (13.6 mi.)
    Miami, TX (21.3 mi.)
    Groom, TX (24.3 mi.)
    Borger, TX (25.9 mi.)
    Panhandle, TX (26.8 mi.)
    McLean, TX (29.4 mi.)
    Mobeetie, TX (29.5 mi.)


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    1. I have had a paranormal experience inside of the hospital when me and a couple of friends went in at 3: 00am when seen a little girl on the second floor just laying on the floor playing with a toy. Then we worked our way up to the third floor on the stairs we seen a man in a top hat and trench coat my older brother ran down the stairs to the first floor and jumped out the window but me and my twin brother keep going up with one of our best friends went to the room that has 666 on the door and took a few pictures with his phone after he took the pictures we look at it for a little bit and we counted 666 bodies chocked out on the walls and floor. After that we looked at each other and knew that things got real we ran down the stairs going down we heard a lady screaming we didn’t stop to see if anyone else was there with us we just kept running down the stairs as soon as we get to the first floor we see the window that my older brother jumped out of so we do the same as soon as we hit the ground we run to the truck that we where in then drove off but not fast enough me and my twin look at the windows of the hospital and see someone looking out of the window down at us then they vanished into thin air. No one that’s was with us believed me and him but till this day me and him still remember what we seen we haven’t been by there since that night.

    2. I know this location is home to people/spirit of the past. I’ve known this since moving to Pampa over two years ago, every time I drive by it I feel as though I have a strong electrical current running through me. It literally feels like my insides are vibrating. Its nice to finally know that someone has investigated and can validate my strange reactions to this place.

      • Do you know who owns this building now. Im interested in trying to get permission to visit the building. Im wanting to bring a camera and a few other things to see what I can find out about it.. Any help would be great.

    3. Im interested in taking a look at this place.. I would like to bring a few people and a little equipment with me. Does anyone know of who I could contact to try and get permission?

    4. Our ghost hunting group with the permission of the owner has investigated the Worley 4 nights. We got a lot of evidence and had some personal experiences. Its has been one of the haunted places our group has investigated.

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