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We’ve recently covered a story and made a video about the haunting at one of our locations, Woodfield Manor near the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania.

The story about the haunting can be found here: https://sundancevacationsblog.com/travel/a-haunting-in-the-poconos/

Allegedly, the spirit of a woman haunts the manor. The owner explains in the video that she throws things, appears, and mischievously plays. She’s even been known to be helpful, laying out fresh curtains when the staff was changing them.

Others have told stories of her drowning her two children in the tub in room #13. Guests have heard running water in the room at night when no one was checked in.

(Submitted by Jenn)

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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Geographic Information

472 Red Rock Road
Cresco, PA
United States

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41.106198818299056, -75.30613671415557
Monroe County, Pennsylvania
Nearest Towns:
Parkside, PA (2.9 mi.)
Mount Pocono, PA (3.2 mi.)
Tannersville, PA (4.6 mi.)
Mountainhome, PA (5.0 mi.)
Emerald Lakes, PA (6.0 mi.)
Pocono Pines, PA (7.7 mi.)
Arlington Heights, PA (9.3 mi.)
East Stroudsburg, PA (9.8 mi.)
Stroudsburg, PA (10.1 mi.)
Sun Valley, PA (10.8 mi.)


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  1. I stayed in room # 15 3 years ago and yes wow what an experience we heard many strange things happening in room # 13 which was right next to us they was a lot of activity at the Inn and when I went out to see what the heck was going on a ghost hunting team was there doing a interview on the Inn and looking for ghosts totally freaked me out

  2. My sister and I stayed in Room 13 this past weekend. All was fine til the morning of checkout. While in the shower, I started feeling nauseous real suddenly. I tried shaking it off, but felt worse after I got dressed. Next thing, I’m telling my sister I don’t feel very well and I may get sick then instantly run in the bathroom to get sick. I felt better after getting sick. So I carried a big heavy suitcase and tote bag to the car. I was outside for several minutes and felt much better. I returned to the room to make 2 more trips to load the car. Each time I went outside, I felt fine, as if nothing was wrong. I came back to the room and my sister decided to take a shower. I continued to pack and she went in the bathroom. She said she placed her hair dryer on the toilet seat lid and stepped into the shower. While in the shower, I heard a big crash as if she had fallen in the shower. I yelled through the closed bathroom door to see if she was ok and she said she was. She said she opened the shower door and saw her hair dryer was on the floor. A short while later, I started feeling ill again, and back in the bathroom I ran. My sister decided to go to the drugstore to get me some med to help with nausea and vomiting. While she was gone, I laid on the sofa to rest. I heard banging pipes in the bathroom. I also heard the door to our room open and close twice. My sister came back after about 45 minutes and I said I was ok to leave. As soon as I got outside again, I felt fine again, as if nothing had happened. I didn’t need the medicine she brought me. We didn’t start to piece it all together until we were heading back home. She drove my car, thinking I would get another wave of sickness, but I did not. I felt completely well during the 5-hour drive. I believe that room is haunted, causing me to become physically ill and throwing my sister’s hair dryer. Like a parting shot. I will not stay in Room 13 again. The getting physically sick part was the worst. I don’t want that to happen to anyone else.

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