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The witch’s grave is said to be found at Truxton Park, in the woods past the third baseball field near a slanted tree. The witch is said to have been buried here in the 1800s but escaped from the grave, never to be seen again. Rumor has it that on Halloween night, the bodies of the witch’s victims can be seen hanging from trees.

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Geographic Information

Off Pump House Road
Annapolis, MD
United States

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38.96726783075885, -76.50174182646879
Anne Arundel County, Maryland
Nearest Towns:
Annapolis, MD (0.9 mi.)
Robinwood, MD (1.1 mi.)
Naval Academy, MD (1.5 mi.)
Parole, MD (1.8 mi.)
Hillsmere Shores, MD (1.9 mi.)
Edgewater, MD (2.7 mi.)
Highland Beach, MD (3.2 mi.)
Londontowne, MD (3.5 mi.)
Selby-on-the-Bay, MD (3.7 mi.)
Riva, MD (4.2 mi.)


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  1. I grew up within walking distance to this place oblivious to any ghost stories, however there is a “grave” of some sort or hole with an old iron ornate fence around just this particular area.i heard it used to be a plantation back before I was born and someone of significance related to the land master’s was buried there.

  2. I used to live at spa cove apartments as a child. I played baseball there, i know the lure the the legend very very well.
    Story is there were 3 Witches that lived in that proximity. 2 bad and 1 good.
    The big hole in the ground was the most evil of the 3.
    I’m not sure if it’s still there but if you ventured deep enough into those woods. That’s where a junkyard was with super old cars that’s where the 2nd bad witch is buried.
    The 3rd witch “the good witch” is said to be at the bottom of spa creek.

    I’ve had a lot of odd experiences there. My mom used to walk with me to my baseball games through those woods. Not a lot of people walked them as it was only a 10 min walk on the trail to the apartments. We used to always hear voices, whispers, on the hottest days it was freezing. One night a bright glowing orb like light followed us with some odd screech. (We never walked again as we had my dad drive me)

    I visited the big hole some time last year. i remembered exactly where it was. The hair stood up on my neck and at 34 i had the same fear i did when i was 8. Something is in those woods.

    Here’s how i heard the story,
    The 3 witches lived in that area. The main witch who was the most evil was tried as a witch and was convicted and was sentenced to death. Her house was there in the woods (you can still see the fence that was around her house) also a few foundation looking blocks to the house. It is said they drug her out the house buried her alive under the tree. The hole exploded she floated out killed everybody and vanished. This was said to happen on All Hallows’ Eve. (There’s always a huge police presence there on that night and Halloween) people would go missing here and there and they figured the witch took their soul. Legend has it you can see bodies of all of her victims hanging from trees deep in the woods on all gallows eve. If you do it’s too late as that’s when she claims a new victim.

    Witch #2 was also caught they took her not far away from where witch 1s gave us prob about a 15-20 walk through the woods.

    They also buried her alive after extreme torture ( i heard she was evil but for minor accusations) they stacked junk cars on top of where she was buried.
    I haven’t been to that spot in over 20 years. But if the cars are still there you’ll know your there.

    Witch 3 was a good witch and didn’t really do anything from what i hear (don’t know background on either witch or what they were accused of) legend says she was very beautiful and would meet a lot of men. She was accused of putting spells on the men. She for the most part was innocent but since the other witches were pure evil they got rid of her as well. They drowned her at Spa Creek. Apparently her body was never recovered and us still rumored to be at the bottom of spa creek.

    I have deep roots in Annapolis and live right near where all this was. If this is all just a urban legend cool. But i believe as ive been to all 3 graves.

    And from my own and other people’s experiences. Something evil is in those woods.

    • Hello Ray Chance, i am Ed, co founder of a new paranormal investigation group called E.P.I.C. (Eastern Paranormal Investigation Crew). I would be honoured to get in contact with you about your experiences as well as having you potentially guide my team to the locations. And if you want to, participate in an investigation at the Witches Grave. Please let me know if that would work for you.
      Ed Bavaria

      Co Founder (E.P.I.C.)

  3. We at Paranormal Brothers did an investigation there recently. Definitely has a creepy vibe to the place. All the history that I can find seems to be based on various folklore and local legends. We did get some interesting EMF activity as we were wrapping up, but nothing else of significant evidentiary nature. It was nonetheless a good time and I look forward to airing the episode on our YouTube channel as well as our Instagram Page (@paranormalbrothersmedia)

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