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The spirit of Crystal Calhoon, called the Wicked Witch of the West by locals, is said to haunt the area with her small dog. She has been seen vacuuming feverishly, and witnesses often note that after an encounter with her, they are missing something shiny that they had on their person.

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Geographic Information

East Loma Alta Drive / Lake Avenue
Altadena CA
United States

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34.20403091445519, -118.13060440052493
Los Angeles County, California
Nearest Towns:
Altadena, CA (1.0 mi.)
La Canada Flintridge, CA (3.3 mi.)
Pasadena, CA (4.0 mi.)
East Pasadena, CA (4.5 mi.)
Sierra Madre, CA (5.3 mi.)
San Marino, CA (5.9 mi.)
South Pasadena, CA (6.2 mi.)
La Crescenta-Montrose, CA (6.3 mi.)
Arcadia, CA (7.0 mi.)
Alhambra, CA (7.5 mi.)


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  1. I have been up there a few times, but one night I took my daughters and their friend there and before we left, I took a picture of the huge front gate…my kids were off to the side, and when I got home, I noticed a small speck in the picture that was DARK, I enlarged it and it was A FACE! after emailing it to myself and looking at it, I’m guessing I caught a pic of two ghosts…it was 2 girls and maybe a 3rd. but one girl was smiling and the middle one had long hair and was looking down…THEY WERE NOT MY GIRLS….I took a picture of this gate and these people came out in my picture. I tried for years to save that email, I even emailed to my mom but over the years, just lost it. That was creepy and since then I’ve been to freaked out to go back

  2. Once I was walking with my son and my son said that he saw some one following us I looked back and it was a lady we got scared and we ran home

  3. I was here hiking in what my friends call the “enchanted forest” its off the path and down into where the old house once was. On our way back up to the road i noticed a spot i could climb up just for fun. As i was climbing up the side of the rock using a tree root to sit and take a break i felt dread come over me and the sense i wasnt the first to climb that same tree. I could feel as thought that tree held a horrible story of death and that someone had used it to hang themselves some time before. Now ill stay on the path and away from the trees.

  4. One dark night years ago my friend and I had decided to walk this trail since I heard of the haunted forest and wanted to check it out.

    So we were walking along the old driveway in the dark not too far in past the gate (before the road makes a left)
    and ahead of me I see this dim light shining on the ground. I immediately turned on my 3 million candlewatt spotlight expecting to see someone standing there with a flashlight, I saw no one and heard nothing.

    I asked my friend if he lit a cigarette which could have reflected in my glasses but he said no. I figured we were too far in for a car’s headlights to cause some reflection.

    I tried rationalizing the light to no avail.
    Maybe the house nearby played some trick, I don’t know. I think we continued walking that night.
    I’ve been there other times with nothing strange happening. I’m pretty skeptical and wouldn’t easily call a place haunted.

  5. SO, my friends and I come up here allll the time. My friend lives down the street, so for us youngsters it’s a fun place to go at night when you’re drunk. I’ve heard all the stories and myths, even been at night by myself and have never really encountered anything unusual.

    But one night, I was the designated driver, and we went up as per usual, and all of us saw these floating lights go across the face of the mountains and then vanish. We chalked it up to a helicopter (even though we would have heard it or seen it), headlights passing (even though we were way too far into the trail for that) or night hikers on the echo mountain trail. But then we actually saw some night hikers with lights and there was a significant distance to whre the trail was and we saw the lights and movement and speed. Then when everything was silent and motionless we saw two floating lights. It was weird because there was literally no rational explanation. No planes. No hikers. I even tried to mimic it with my extremely strong flashlight which did reach the mountains but was not the same. We all kinda laughed it off but we were all left with this creepy feeling and left. Don’t know if it’s haunted but something unexplainable is definitely happening.

  6. i had the same experience going up there at night. me and two friends went up there and we made it on to one of the trails and on the trail heading up the power towers across from us it looked like some people were coming down the trail. from where we were standing all we could see was the lights on as if they were flash lights but as it moved down the dimmer and as we got closer up the hill the lights disappeared and if whoever was coming down the hill would have crossed our path and we reached the point where we saw the lights and there was no one up there.. theres also lots of cold n hot spots throughout the grounds.

  7. I read about this place before and I always wanted to go there so me and my boyfriend and his parents went there and we where walking and we took a different path then the victors that where there and it was a steep the hill going up was steep. All of a sudden we got this place and there was no other path all you see is this big medal thing and the shaped was squared, it almost look like a house underground but it wasn’t. We all where inspecting it and all of a sudden we heard a big bang. I mean this was day time usually things like this happen at night, but I ran as fast as I could we all did. All i can say is there is something there at this hiking area.

  8. The only scary thing about this place is the steep uphill hike, it’s only two miles but the incline is a killer. Recently human remains were found and some months after that a lady passed away from heart failure on the Sam Merrill trail, right there mid hike in broad daylight. Aside of the wild life and the above mentioned there is nothing scary about this place. I hike this place at least once a week and I have yet to get spooked.

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