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Established in 1973, the Wisconsin Lutheran College is believed to have 6 ghosts. One is an evil presence; another is a group of children who laugh eerily. There are also a singing nun, a mother superior, a janitor and a poltergeist.

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8800 W Blue Mound Rd
Milwaukee, WI 53226
United States

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43.037206, -88.02269000000001
Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
Nearest Towns:
Wauwatosa, WI (1.1 mi.)
West Allis, WI (1.6 mi.)
Elm Grove, WI (2.9 mi.)
West Milwaukee, WI (3.1 mi.)
Brookfield, WI (4.5 mi.)
Greenfield, WI (5.3 mi.)
Butler, WI (5.3 mi.)
Milwaukee, WI (5.9 mi.)
New Berlin, WI (6.0 mi.)
Greendale, WI (6.8 mi.)

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  1. My two roommates are currently students at wlc and all three of us have had paranormal experience here! One of the encounters happened at night but I was sleeping in my room. My other two roommates share the room next to mine and in the middle of the night they both thought they heard me come out of my room and go to the bath room. 10min past and they both were wondering if something was wrong with what they thought to be me. My one roommate got up to check the bathroom and no one was there. The next morning they asked if I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night but I didn’t. Another encounter happened to me when I was laying in my room trying to sleep, but then I heard what sounded like someone dragging their feet on my carpet and I opened my eyes and no one was there. All three of us have had multiple encounters here and so have our classmates but these are only two of our stories.

  2. There was rumors my freshmen year (last year) of the same things you were talking about. My roommate and I were really big skeptics; we would always hear all of the other students telling legends and laugh it off. One of the most popular stories is that if you throw a coin out of your window, it will appear back on your windowsill the next time you return to your room. I never tried it myself, but a friend told me that it worked with her roommate.

    A friend of mine claimed that she once used her suite bathroom between her room and her suite mates when no one was home. She told me she locked both doors when she entered and suddenly there was a large pounding on both sides. This girl told me the room was thudding and shaking. We then started to hear about this girl who’s cross would always fall off of her wall, no matter what kind of adhesive or tack she would use. My roommate and I also ignored that, as the dorm walls were pretty awful and nothing could ever stick to them. The two girls who lived directly beneath us started saying that a chair would always return to a certain spot in the room, they told me it was where a previous student had killed herself. After investigation, I couldn’t find any deaths on my campus. We started to mock the paranoid girls and the idea of ghosts living in our hall, which I think is why things started to happen to us.

    My roommate was barely in the dorm on weekends, she would normally go back home to her family while I stayed in the room. I woke up one morning to hear scratching at my door. I thought it was just my roommate trying to unlock it, so I ignored it and went back to sleep. The scratching woke me up again an hour later. Curiosity got the better of me so I went to check on it; I looked out of the peephole and didn’t see anything so I went back to my bed. I was a bit too creeped out to go back to sleep, so I just sat there staring. The door started to open itself very slowly, about 45 degrees. I couldn’t just leave it open so I got up to look at the hallway again and then I shut the door. I brushed this off since maybe I hadn’t closed the door all the way the previous night. When my roommate came home, she laughed when I told her the story.

    About a week had passed when I came home late at night (around 12) to see my roommate sleeping with the lights off. Not wanting to disturb her, I backed out of the room and decided to do my homework in the lobby. When I returned to the room in about an hour, she seemed really freaked out. She told me that she was awake when I entered the room at 12 and that she thought I had stayed in the room. She said I was breathing by her ear while standing beside her bed. She told me that she turned around and saw that I hadn’t been in the room the whole time. At this point, we thought that we were just getting paranoid from hearing everyone else’s stories, so we just went to sleep.

    A few days later, I was alone when the door opened slowly by itself again, to the same angle. My roommate still didn’t believe me. I went to take a shower in the hall bathroom. I noticed a girl standing upright in a locked stall, but continued to take my shower. I started to hear humming and figured she was just doing her own thing. About 40 minutes later, I was leaving the bathroom when I noticed she was still standing in her stall and hadn’t moved in the past almost-hour.

    The time my door opened to the 45 degree angle, my roommate was around. She just stared at me as the door creaked open around midnight. I decided to have my lock and knob replaced by the facilities, and got a new key. The same month, I woke up covered in scratches from head to toe, which is something I had never done before. I asked my roommate to look at the scratches and they were all over my body and on spots I could never reach by myself. My roommate started to look nervous and told me the same night she woke up with blood on her pillow, she had snagged her earring on the fabric and ripped it out in the middle of the night. At this point, we stopped making the jokes.

    My door continued to open no matter how hard I shoved it before I went to sleep. One night I woke up around 3 am and saw my roommate in total darkness standing in front of her open closet door without moving or talking. I’m not the brightest person when right when I woke up, so I brushed it off and went back to sleep. I texted her the next day and she told me she was on vacation at her home and hadn’t been around in the last three days and won’t return for a while.

    My paranormal instincts came in and I bought some holy water and salt for my room, sprinkling it around every entrance and window. Nothing happened for the remaining two months of my freshmen year, but it became a hell of a story for rushing greek life. Although I had always loved all things horror, it was different to be on the other side. My school has tons of legends/hauntings and I’m just glad to be free of that dorm, even if other creepy stuff kept happening no matter where I was on the campus.

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