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It is a designated Superfund site due to a number of soil and groundwater contaminants. In what is now the VA hospital, there are numerous reports of a male ghost who has been seen roaming the halls.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    6335 S Downwind Cir
    Mesa, AZ 85212
    United States

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    33.3033698, -111.66281320000002
    Maricopa County, Arizona
    Nearest Towns:
    Queen Creek, AZ (4.1 mi.)
    Gilbert, AZ (8.0 mi.)
    Apache Junction, AZ (10.1 mi.)
    Chandler, AZ (10.3 mi.)
    San Tan Valley, AZ (11.0 mi.)
    San Carlos, AZ (11.2 mi.)
    Santan, AZ (11.8 mi.)
    Mesa, AZ (12.4 mi.)
    Sun Lakes, AZ (13.8 mi.)
    Tempe, AZ (16.2 mi.)


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    1. Yes it is I worked there in the late 80’s where a man was fatally killed when he accidentally crashed his vehicle into the guard gate around the time he died I experienced his presence I guess he never left.

    2. Victoria Williams-Roach  |  

      My brother, William (Bill) Harold William, was accidentally shot while on duty at guard gate by another guard on March 22,1950. I wonder if he is still there? My family has said all these years that they believe it was murder because of jealously over a girl.

    3. I am not sure as to why I feel like I have a long distant connection to this and area 51 groom lake s4 facility, but i know for a physical evidencial proven fact that the secret service, cia, and the fbi have all told me about my genetically manipulated dna…. of what is rare and called: Human Alien Hybrids. ??? someone please tell me why they do such things? What about telling me the truth about my dna and telling me the truth with actual and official documentation… the feds are swarming around me by survaliance, and observation….and J15 as well as countless others.. i am not sure what is really going on, but i do know my characteristics and capabilities.

    4. In 1999 my Mom, sister and I lived in the low income housing on the base. During our relatively short stay in that house we experienced absolutely terrifying poltergeist activity. From the beginning we all felt an ominous uncomfortable feeling in the house, as if someone was watching us but within the first week of moving into the house we started experiencing strange occurrences. We would often hear the cabinets and drawers opening and closing in the kitchen and what sounded like someone shuffling through the silverware drawer and pushing the microwave buttons.

      One night we were all watching tv when to our horror a pen came flying out of the kitchen and flew across the livingroom hitting the wall. It then proceeded to slide slowly down the wall as if someone were pressing it against the wall and moving it toward the floor.

      On several occasions my mom came home from work and saw what looked like me or my sister running around the corner. The first time it happened she thought we were playing a joke on her because she called out our name but no one answered. But after finding the house was empty she realized that was not the case.

      Many more creepy things occured over the few months that we lived there but there’s 2 specific occasions that stand out to me because they were absolutely terrifying.

      One night after coming home from midnight mass with my neighbor I was feeling particularly brave and decided to go to bed with my door closed. Usually I would keep the hallway light on and my bedroom door open. I crawled in bed and as I stared across the room lit only by the moonlight streaming through the window, I felt my courage dissolve. I stared at my closet door feeling uneasy like someone was watching me.I stared at the closet trying to convince myself that it was all in my head just then the freaking closet door violently opened! It opened so fast that I was sure something was about to come barreling out at me. I was frozen in fear and started screaming bloody murder. So loud that the neighbor heard me and came rushing into my room. She opened my door and turned on the light. I was frantically pointing at my closet screaming “it opened! it opened!” she looked in the closet moving the clothes around and saw that it was empty. I was mortified. The closet door was the metal bifold kind that sits on a track so for it to open as quickly as it did it would require quite a bit of force. I couldn’t explain it away as a draft that blew the door open or something.

      One night my sister and I were home alone. My mom was out late that night so we ended up going to sleep before she made it home. Before bed I opened my closet, turned my radio on low ( I found soft music comforting to sleep to) and made sure my bedroom door was wide open with the hall light on.

      I don’t know how long it was after I fell asleep but I was startled awake by a loud noise. As soon as I opened my eyes I saw a pinata flying at my face. The pinata was from my birthday party and had been tucked away under my bed. So the pinata hits me in the face, I throw it off and jump out of bed. That’s when I realize that my door is shut, my closet it shut and the radio had been turned off. The room was completely dark other than the light from the hall shining under the door. I bolted to the door and ran out of the bedroom.
      Just as I came running out of my bedroom, my sister was running out of her bedroom across the hall with a knife in her hand. Simultaneously my mom was walking into the house with a confused look on her face.

      My mom said ” why wouldn’t you guys let me in? What the heck are you guys doing?”
      She went on to explain that she had been trying to get into the house for 10 minutes but the doors wouldn’t open. She had decided to try to go through the kitchen window to get in when suddenly the door just opened by itself so she was just walking in at the same time that my sister and I were running screaming out of our room.

      Apparently my sister had a knife because she kept hearing voices in the house. She had went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife and took it back to her room. She had fallen asleep at some point and was woken up by what was our bedroom doors slamming shut.

      I could go on and on with scary stories from this place. It was the most terrifying experience I’ve ever lived through and even 21 years later I still get spooked thinking about it.

      • Wow, sounds really terrifying for your family. I lived there for a year in 1979-80 when it was military family housing. It was on Maine Court in a single family two bedroom house. It was really active with mainly poltergeist activity, an apparition once and the ghost would play with my six month old baby and check on him in the night regularly. There were also noises and sounds of parties going on and a couple fighting. Always felt like someone was watching me that I couldn’t see! It sounds like they were using the old NCO housing for low income housing when you lived there. One time it tipped our Christmas tree all of the way over to the ground then slowly righted it all the way up again by itself! There was not one Christmas ornament that fell off the tree or piece of tinsel that fell off. This was witnessed by both my self and husband.

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