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Rumors about Whitnall Park involve a female apparition with no feet, sometimes holding a ghostly baby, who floats to ward visitors screaming “Go away and leave my baby alone!” Some reports say the ghost doesn’t interact with the living, but only floats off into the woods. Yet others say she does have feet, and can be seen pacing near the waterfall. The baby’s cries have been heard as well.

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Geographic Information

Whitnall Park Dr
Franklin, WI
United States

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42.927304, -88.03386309999996
Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
Nearest Towns:
Hales Corners, WI (1.0 mi.)
Greendale, WI (2.1 mi.)
Greenfield, WI (2.6 mi.)
Franklin, WI (2.7 mi.)
New Berlin, WI (5.1 mi.)
Muskego, WI (5.5 mi.)
West Allis, WI (6.3 mi.)
West Milwaukee, WI (6.7 mi.)
Elm Grove, WI (8.3 mi.)
Saint Francis, WI (8.4 mi.)


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  1. This place is haunted. I was there Saturday night and in Ross ridge and the lights to the lodge were on and nobody was in there. I could feel a shift in emotions when we stepped through the gate. It gave you that evil presence that something was with you. Seen light turn red in the lodge and heard toboggan shed creak loudly when it was not windy at all.

  2. Took my dog for a walk today, as we were walking toward the upper hill up by botanical gardens by the waterfall, there was a lady dressed not from this ERA, she looked like she was from 1980’s dressed as if she was going to the church she had bright red lipstick. Me and my dog spotted her standing and looking straight at the waterfall I didn’t think much about it she look humanly until my dog started barking at her and was pulling me toward her I said to the woman “I am sorry mam” she smiled and said “it’s okay” I looked down she had no feet but was wearing a long dresses she seemed to float I didn’t realize at the time that she was not human or alive. I turned to look at her she disappeared in bright day light in front my my eyes. I got home and my sister tells me there is a cemetery by whitnall park really ???

  3. I walked close to the spot of the APPARITION too. I ran away from that cold spot by the waterfalls Something spooked me so bad that I ran away. 15 years ago I saw women I. The waterfall they resembeled Angels I called them Angels in the waterfalls. Angels in the strange waterfall !

  4. There are several deaths that have happened there and I only hear about this ghost. A boy was murdered there years ago. Someone was found hung in the woods, a car drove into one 9f the ponds there.

  5. The paranormal is of interest to me, but I found this site searching for something utterly unrelated. I grew up many miles from the park, but hung out there with friends in huge groups, “cruising” the park in the 1989-1990 period. I now live just five miles away. The first time I was back to the park was about 10 years ago, when I was a serious cyclist and did rides with a friend who trained for triathlons. We did all the roads, many I’d never been on. Despite the fun, and exhaustion, the place felt *strange*..almost creepy..riding through the gardens area in the early AM hours. I finally visited the gardens about 5 years ago with my wife and son. It was the twilight hours, and although it was beautiful, again it just felt *off*. I asked my wife about it – she’s not at all into anything paranormal – and she surprisingly agreed.

    The way I would describe it is that the gardens felt like more people were there than actually were. I’d estimate another 15 people were wandering the grounds at the time, but it felt like people were everywhere, as if what I was sensing did not match what I was seeing.

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