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The hotel and casino are rumored to be haunted by Whiskey Pete himself, a former miner and moonshiner who used to own a gas station nearby. Witnesses say he watches over the casino, and some say they have come back to their parked cars to find them mysteriously filled up with gas. The hotel is also said to be haunted by Clyde Barrow of Bonnie and Clyde, as the shirt Clyde was wearing and the car the couple were in when they were shot are on display here.

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Geographic Information

100 W Primm Blvd
Jean, NV 89019
United States

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35.6120628, -115.39222369999999
Clark County, Nevada
Nearest Towns:
Goodsprings, NV (15.4 mi.)
Sandy Valley, NV (19.5 mi.)
Searchlight, NV (28.4 mi.)
Enterprise, NV (29.8 mi.)
Blue Diamond, NV (30.0 mi.)
Nelson, NV (32.5 mi.)
Summerlin South, NV (35.1 mi.)
Spring Valley, NV (35.2 mi.)
Cal-Nev-Ari, NV (35.6 mi.)
Whitney, NV (36.1 mi.)

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  1. Jennifer Ann Parker  |  

    I stayed at Wiskey Petes a couple of years ago, I drove my new car. After my first night there, I awoke the next morning went to my car to drive to las Vegas. My car battery was completely dead! I left none of my lights on. Security jumped my car, had no problems after that.

  2. I was just at Whiskey Pete’s on Saturday, January 30, 2016. While I was standing near the craps tables, I seen what looked like a flash card story play out before my eyes. I seen people from old western wear to the present. Like a story. Ended with a man in a western hat. I felt like I blinked and the man disappeared before my eyes. Blew my mind. I told a friend of mine what had just happened and she thought I was just imagining it. Then while we were standing near Bonnie and Clyde’s car, I felt someone push me. Like two fingers on each side push me against my shoulder and pushed me back. I gasped so loudly I startled my friend. I told her someone just pushed me. After that it was as if lights were coming at me like a firework show. I started feeling completely overwhelmed and had to get out of the casino. My friend and I went outside and I immediately started feeling better. I asked if she knew if Whiskey Pete’s was haunted and she didn’t know. I’ve always been sensitive to spirits, but this was the first time I was completely overwhelmed by it.

  3. Mandy Dawn Nickerson  |  

    I am a sensitive and I have a gift of capturing spirits on film. I was just at Whiskey Pete’s on Mon 9/4/18 it has a bad feel to it, it’s nasty and dirty. Anyways I took a lot of pictures and I reviewed them when we left and I saw some of the most disturbing paranormal pictures that I couldn’t look at them all as I had to put it down and invoke Archangel Michael, as I didn’t want to take one or more home with me. I’m just saying make sure you cleanse before you leave Whiskey Pete’s. I will make a website to post my pictures.

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