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Whiskey Hollow Road is a dark forest road, about 5 miles long, that has many urban legends attached to it, including that of satanic rituals, KKK practices and ghosts. One local legend says a man and his wife are two of the ghosts who roam these parts. The man was wrongly convicted of murder and was imprisoned in a shack along the road to await his corporal punishment. The man died there before his punishment was carried out, and his grief-stricken wide hanged herself on a nearby tree.

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Geographic Information

Whiskey Hollow Road
Baldwinsville, NY
United States

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43.11637, -76.39461699999998
Onondaga County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Peru, NY (2.4 mi.)
Baldwinsville, NY (4.3 mi.)
Village Green, NY (4.3 mi.)
Jordan, NY (5.3 mi.)
Seneca Knolls, NY (5.5 mi.)
Elbridge, NY (6.3 mi.)
Camillus, NY (7.0 mi.)
Meridian, NY (7.9 mi.)
Lakeland, NY (8.0 mi.)
Liverpool, NY (8.9 mi.)


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  1. This road is HAUNTED!!!! One night we were in the minivan (my kids, hubby, & I) and it was actually the first time I drove down this road… We were trying to take a short cut home from dropping off one of the kids friends, and going back to our home in the village of Meridian. I don’t remember what time it was exactly, but I do remember it was just after dusk. I’m in the driver’s seat, my husband in the passenger’s seat, and both children in the 3rd row of the minivan. I came around a curve in the road and all of a sudden someone grabbed my pony tail and pulled it hard! My head jerked up as someone or something pulled my pony tail down! I swerved off the road a bit but managed to get the van under control and back on the road. I looked in the rear view mirror (to yell at one of the kids for pulling my hair) and saw that they were in the “way back” seat (3rd row)… My husband thinks I’m crazy, but I know what happened and felt it! This place is haunted and I will never drive on this road again!!!

    • It is haunted. I went down whiskey hollow Rd with some friends it was around 10 pm when my friend who was in the back seat said oh my God look in the tree we all looked and we seen a shadowy figure hanging from the tree. Almost the same time my girlfriend at the time told me she seen a Misty figure walking next to the car as we were driving. Haven’t been back there since.

  2. Hi i live about ten mins from whiskey hollow, let me start by saying yes you can here things moving there is also a cave you can sit in and you get this werid feeling that comes over like yournt alone like someone is rite there nexts to you late at night you can here screams it almost seems like there miles away, if you have a chance come out and check it out .

  3. This is the scariest place I’ve ever been to! As a teenager we went there and found a small cabin with a trap door and a cellar concealed in it. We’ve been shot at and you never feel alone there, it’s like someone is always watching you. Later in life I took my kids on a ride through the hollow and we were all scared the entire way. Day or night, it is scary!!!

      • I can take you right to it. There’s also a old car up there almost to the top, way higher up then the cave. Almost every picture I took of the car had orbs. Then spots randomly throughout the woods that look like people practice some sort of religion… idk but it’s weird up there. Won’t go at night, but I’ll show you in the day.

        • Is it actually there? I live in Radisson, and have been there a few times, but never saw any structures visible from the road. Is it close to the cave?

  4. ive been down this road about 3 times im am terrified of the dark so only been down it once at night with a group but the other two times it was the day. but the night idk if i was so scared that my mind was playing tricks on me but i thought i saw stuff. some of my friends went back to the car while the rest of us walked the rest of the way they called us 10 minutes (after they dissapered with out telling the rest of us witch scared me more) saying something was chaseing them idk if they were messing with us but that night i had a full battery and and as soon as we were half way my phone died completely now it is an iphone 4 but idk if it was a fluke or something

  5. Ive been on that road at night and saw a bright light in the woods.in front of us. No way to explain it. There are no houses out there in that direction. Also took pics with digital camera and some orbs came out in a few pics of a tree. Other trees around it came out with no orbs.

  6. I’ve lived in b-ville never went here until I was drunk with a friend … I had to pee so we went up in the woods near the tree where the legion says the wife hung herself it was late maybe 12:30 1:00 am and as I was peeing I look up and over and see a woman hanging from the tree in a white kind of dirty dress the rope looked as if it was about 3foot hanging from the tree… I haven’t been there after that..

  7. I went down this road a few years ago and as we were going down it we saw a man walking. We waved to him but he didn’t wave back. He was probably in the middle of the 5 mile road. Far from the end. However, when we got to the end of the road we turned around. We expected to see him again as he must’ve had a long ways to walk to get to the end of the road. But he was gone! My dad also said that he looked in his rearview mirror right after we saw the guy and he just disappeared!!! Not sure if this is legit but still freaked me out a little

  8. I have been to this road many (if not dozens on dozens) of times since I was a small boy back in the early 60’s. Even then, we heard MANY tales about the road, the area and the `witch cave’, as it was known to us. There is a spring there… into which, many years before I was born), my father drove a pipe back into, and it has been running ever since. The original pipe is long gone, and others have replaced said pipe. We used to be told the water had bveen tested good many times over the years, and when our farm well ran dry in deep summer, we would fill many milk barrels with the spring water. While the barrels were being filled, we kids would climb all over the ridge and go into the witch cave. On top of the ridge is a trail, that passes through two large pines trees and into a clearing with a large oak tree on the right. There is always a camp fire spot there.. always… and we have found many strange things there. both in and around the fore pit. In the cave, some 10 years ago, we found 5 black candles and a spell book. The book was a new age publication affair, and well thumbed. We were also told that we should never, under any circumstances, visit the clearing or spring on Halloween night.

  9. What a load of crap and waste of gas!! We were all prepared with cameras and flashlights and nothing happened on this road. Whiskey hollow is a beautiful road with great surroundings and that is it. Do not believe in any hocus pocus regarding witches, ghost, etc. on this road.

  10. I mean there are washers pushed down a hill from time to time but I go there from time to time on my way to my family’s cabin in the woods but never really saw anything.

  11. I fill my water here ever week their is a fresh water spring. Never saw or Hurd anything. I even has sex in this cave which is more like a dent in a rock then a cave. If you decide to explore this road be careful. It is private property and is open to the public during daytime hours and only the road. If you go off the road your taking a chance of being shot or falling off the cliffs. Be careful driving as well. Narrow roads with no guide rail on most parts of the road and theirs cliffs steep cliffs.

  12. A bunch of us went there one night in 2009 and we got the crap scared out of us. We saw the woman in the tree and my ex turned that car around and we darted out of there as fast as we could and we never been back since. It really is haunted.

  13. I grew up in B’ville and can’t count the number of times I’ve been to the Hollow. I am also a sensitive and can see and communicate with spirits. The only spirit I have ever seen or have spoken with was a tall black man wearing a white tank top who lived there, was content as a moonshiner. He calls me ma’am whenever I see him and I asked why he was still here. He said this shack was his home and he was happy there. He also said he was a God fearing man and, “I just mine to my self.” I also asked him what time it was for him…what year. He said 1921. Told me about the few moonshiners who lived along this road because of the water source. Check it out for yourself and see what you get.

    • Thank you excellent story. I believe you since I’m a sensitive as well and have seen with my 3rd eye people in cloaks who meet there at nighttime.

      • that might be the man who died in the shack. He did say that the shack was his home and he’s happy there. I dont know what year the man died but if he said 1921 then that might be when he died.

  14. I recently traveled down the road with my friends as a last minute late night activity and figured I would take a video going down the road to see if I could capture anything relatively spooky, and as I was going frame by frame I came across this image that seems to be the manifestation of one of the deceased children possibly used as a sacrifice in the many rituals on the roadside.

  15. So me and my mom went down this road for the first time we heard lots of screams and I swear I heard just leave and then me and my mom saw a woman standing on top of the cave and I saw a man in a mask and the second time we went we saw a woman on top of the cave

  16. First let me say I lived not far from “The Hallow”, as it is called by some. My Son and friends were up at The Hallow one night. He was recording for evp’s. One of his friends said “What should I ask” ? When played back a child’s voice said “What ever you’d like.,” His friends freaked. My Son has been there many times day and night. The things, persons, wraiths, what ever no longer seem to be bothered by him. Hallow and I agree that I will try to respect my time there. I leave an offering of seeds, incence, smug, and my thanks for the gift of peace, and water. 5/2/19 probably the last time I will be here as I am moving from the state. If I come back to visit I will try to come to the Hallow, if it will let me. I believe. Because I have seen and felt things. “There are more things in Heaven and He’ll than are drempt of in your philosophy.” Shakespeare.

  17. I lived there my whole life played in that woods every day and night never heard of none of this I am now 68 and was born in the house at the lower end of the hollow

  18. me and my mum would go here at 3 am everynight a few year ago, one time she took a picture of me, and a green human like figure, glowing eye, and holding something very sharp behind our car, he was transparent as well. later that night our car got pushed down the road as we were leaving and we saw ropes an our names in the trees.

  19. I was just thinking of scary places to bring my teenage daughter that I have been to during my childhood. My buddy and me have been all through all the trails and cave here many of hours of research never seen or heard anything haven’t even thought about in years but as I’m looking at this site I’m listening to police scanner and they just mentioned whiskey hollow road what are the chances it’s in the middle of nowhere not going there anymore wtf

  20. Moving back to B-Ville soon. Spent some time here. Including riding my bike alone at night in the 70’s, left quickly. Friends and I were chased another time…no cars there. I never ventured above the cave into the deep woods. Many a friend that did told me of burnt crosses and dead animals. Place was heavily patrolled by the Sheriff and State Troopers then, they even took our beer once.

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